Thanksgiving and Weekly recap

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Barefoot, Family, Food, Life, Running, Society, Vacation
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Hello Puffins,

Happy holidays and  welcome to another weekly roundup where we discuss, err I discuss, what went on over the last 7ish days that you all are just dying to hear about.


I’m in my very own office, HOORAY, and it’s marvelous. Work is so much calmer and I don’t feel a need to hide the sharp pointy things on my desk anymore. That’s a plus. Same job, different location, happier Puffin. Plus it was a short week so that’s always fantastic.  Not a whole lot to report on here.


Running this week was pretty sweet. While I didn’t log very many miles, I did try some new things out that proved to make my running more enjoyable when I did get out. First off, my first run was on my mom’s treadmill. 5k on that seems like a lot longer than on a park loop. However, I did like that I could force myself into a set pace. So that was nice.

The run that was really exciting was the one that took place in Tulsa. No, it wasn’t a new distance, but man it was a change of scenery. There were cold crunchy leaves everywhere, the concrete offered different textures for my feet, and I took our Schnauzer Max with me. This was his very first run with me and he acted like he had been running with me his whole life. Normally when we are walking he wants to pull away and keep the leash taught, but while we were running he stayed by my flank or slightly in front of me. I thought this was going to take weeks to teach him. However he did it instinctively. It’s the same behavior that dogs portray when they are running packs. The leader is slightly ahead with others on the flank. Glad to see that he knows I’m pack leader…Although I think if we were running with my wife it’d be different haha. I’ll be taking him on many more runs, but he wont be on a long run for quite a while. He needs to build his pads and endurance up as well.



I spent the majority of this week with my wife’s family. I always enjoy spending time with them and this time was no different. It was odd to be spending a major holiday away from my family, but that’s how it is in married life. We split the holidays. The big bonus was that we got to have, not one, but three thanksgiving dinners. WOOHOO. I ate til I was stuffed (yah all baseball sized stomach of me)…Which amounted to 3-4 bites of everything on the table haha. The food was fantastic and I was glad to have family to spend the holidays with. I’m excited for Christmas because both families will be together so we get the best of both worlds.

I also ventured into the world..nightmare rather, of black Friday shopping. This unholiest of days brings out the utter worst in people. Fighting over a 2.43$ toaster? A 3.00$ waffle iron (I’m skeptical, to say the least, of the quality of waffles this machine could have produced). Come on people? That’s ridiculous. Not only that, but places like Wal-mart had these adds for tv’s. People started lining up for these tv’s at 7:00pm (they weren’t to be released until 12:00am)…Then at 10:00pm the wal-mart people tell the 60 or so folks waiting in line, that they only have 5 tv’s…WHAT THE HELL? You couldn’t tell them that at like 8:00 or 7:30? Thanks for wasting 3 hours of their time. That’s just asinine. I decided that I would not be waiting in line for anything like that unless it was a last resort type deal for my kids. That takes all the fun out of christmas, and ruins Thanksgiving in my opinion.


What do you guys think of Black Friday and its effects on the holidays?


Until next time,

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