Even I'm not that stupid.

Good Morning Puffins,

Today I’m going to talk about winter running and what I’m planning on doing for the majority of my running. Notice I said running, and not barefoot running..When it comes to being cold, I’m a puss. Kudos to my barefoot friends that live up in the great white north…This is the time of year where you get to snicker at us southerners for not being able to tough out the cold. However, come summer time, I relish in running in the heat. Something most northerners shake in their snow boots just thinking about.

Anyways, I’ve found a running plan that I think will allow me to continue on with my progression, and help give me some speed as well. I’m going to make some changes to it as I go along, but it’s a good base. At least, that’s what I think given that it is my first running plan since the couch to 5k program. That plan isn’t extremely structured. This allows me to make changes here and there and run how I feel on a given day if I want too. I like the idea of a weekly long run, and with my longest run being 8 miles thus far, starting with 9 should be pretty good. So that’s a plus. I’m really intrigued with the track workout, and there happens to be several quality highschool tracks around my home that I will be utilizing for these workouts.

+1 for Ewok like Puppy cuteness. And he’s barefoot running too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be running in foot coffins…That’s just not a Puffin’s style you see. No no, I’ll be running in either my huaraches with injinji socks or my vibrams…Or maybe a schweet pair of runamocs should I get lucky for Christmas. Sometimes, it would be nice to channel my inner chewbacca and have a full time winter coat like that fuzz ball over to the right. However, since that isn’t really an option, I’ll be sticking with the shoes. Call me what you like, or call me what you don’t like, but this Puffin doesn’t want to be a penguin so I’m staying warm in the winter. More importantly, penguins can’t fly so they are inherently suckier than a puffin. What now Mr. I’m so cute because I am a penguin…I got happy feet too bro. Given that this is my first winter in which I actually run, we’ll see how the cold air burns my lungs. I’m also interested to see how many other crazy people will be running around the parks and things this winter. It’s slated to be a cold one, relatively speaking. I can’t wait to hear the comments from my cold dwelling northern friends. This should be fun. Let me know what you guys think of that “program”. I think it will get me right where I want to be in time for my first half marathon, which should be announced in the coming weeks. My only question I still need to answser about it is, do I run the half, or do I run the relay, or the whole shabang? Looks like I need to take a page from Woody Harrelson and nut up or shut up.

Have a great holiday everyone,
  1. Rob says:

    This winter is starting off with a 5-week speed plan (courtesy of Nike+) mixed with more weights. Once the speed plan is over, it’s time to start conditioning for the first race of my 2012 season (March 24th). Go get ’em..

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