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Posted: June 26, 2014 in Running

Good evening folks. Coming off a 4 day stretch of 12 hour shifts. So I apologize if I get to rambling…


Tomorrow is the big day. My return to the gym is rapidly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited. This time around, my protocols and programming will be focusing entirely on strength gains. As I’m moving back to a paleo diet, the leanness will come, so I’m not going back to being a metabolic athlete. Metcons will be kept at a minimum and my gym time will be focused on one simple idea….


LIFT…HEAVY…SHIT…Over and over…Pick it up, put it down. Big movements, big weights, and a whole heap of rest and recovery on off days. My in the gym schedule will be kind of in the air depending on work, but I will be consistent in going. I’ve set a goal for me to attain over the next year, with several smaller goals strewn throughout…So here they are.

My 1 year goals:

Body weight bench,

1.5 body weight back squat (ATG, that’s Ass to Grass for those who don’t know. None of that half ass shit)

1.5 body weight Dead lift.

I feel like these goals are attainable within the next year. Of course as leanness comes, the actual weight of these lifts will decrease…Hence why I didn’t set any specific number. The basic program that I will be following is the 3×5 program. The only lift that isn’t included in my goal list is the overhead press. It’s included in the 3×5 program, but I’m not to worried about the numbers I put up on it. Deads are and always will be my favorite movement. I’m seriously looking forward to that movement in particular tomorrow.

I know I know, some of you are thinking, but this is barefoot puffin’s blog. He’s a runner. Why isn’t he going to be running? Well, to be honest, I walk anywhere from 18-22 miles a day at work. Plus, running is kind of counter intuitive to my goals. Is that to say I wont ever go for a run or something? No…Of course not, but I don’t foresee it in the near future, and most definitely not in the 110+ degree oklahoma heat. I’ve also not decided if I’m going to be keeping track of my workout progress on this blog. If it’s something you’re interested in and it gets enough response I might. Otherwise I’ll just be tracking my progress in my notebook like I always have.


So to recap,


Goals over the next year

Lean out (preferably somewhere in the 185lb range, but this is all based on how I look, feel, and perform.)

1x body weight bench press

1.5x body weight squat

1.5x body weight deadlift.


These numbers may change, but only if they are too increase, depending on my actual progress in the gym. It may be that I meet these goals in 6 months, 9 months, etc. If this does happen, I’ll be sure to change my goals for the 1 year mark. Hope you’re as ready for the ride as I am.


Til next time,



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