Howdy folks,

Let’s talk about why I’ve been a failure as of late. Let’s talk about how I’ve been letting myself down in the areas of health. Let’s hash this shit out so we don’t have to bring it up anymore.

First of all, I’ve been making excuses…Oh my daughter is here, time to eat and live (fitness wise) like a complete moron who doesn’t know any better. Oh, I don’t have time to cook my meals, lets run to mcdonald’s or some other piss poor excuse for food. Oh I don’t have time to go for a run or mess around with my slosh tube out back.

What do I apparently have time for? Playing on the computer…watching re-runs of the same tv show that I saw the night before. Looking at ifunny for hours. Playing Temple run. Essentially any fucking thing that didn’t have a damn thing to do with my health. Here’s the funny thing about excuses. Not only does everyone have them, but they do worse things to your mind than they could ever do to your body.

My excuses came on slowly at first. However, they constantly picked up speed until they weren’t even necessary anymore. They were just the way things were again. I found myself in a listless state again…Almost reminiscent of the last few months of college. Scrambling, but not really having any reason too. Forgetting what mattered. Forgetting who I’ve become over the last 2 years, and settling back into my old CW (conventional wisdom) ways. It was utter bullshit.

Then one night, I drank wayyyy to much…Passed out in my bed, woke up feeling miserable and I took a look at myself (with some poking and prodding from my wonderful wife) and decided that the person in the mirror didn’t look happy. Why was I not happy? I have a loving wife, beautiful daughter, and kick ass family. What the hell do I have to be unhappy about…Then it hit me…MY HEALTH! What good is all the other awesome stuff in my life if I can’t even take good enough care of myself to enjoy it? From that moment on, my whole world has changed. My attitude is back to what it was 6 months ago. I woke up this morning not hating the idea of going to work. Sure, I’m not happy that I’m not at home with my daughther, but at least I wasn’t miserable about going in. I’m looking forward to going home, scrounging what paleo foods I have left in the kitchen (gotta last til the weekend) and making actual meals. I’m looking forward to going to the track tonight and running..No matter the distance. Might just end up being sprints.

I’m also going to be challenging myself. I need to STAY the hell out of the cafeteria at the hospital. Honestly, their food isn’t even that great, but when you’ve got a craving for onion rings…OMG. I can’t stay away. So my challenge is to stay out of there. Not even go in there for water or unsweet tea. Just stay away from that area of the hospital. If I can do that, it’ll be much easier to remain on track while at work.


So let’s recap…Excuses, no matter how good you think they are, suck ass. There is no excuse to be listless and let life pass you by. Nothing should be more important to any single person than their own health. Without their health, all the other good shit that they could be enjoying is diminished. You can’t play with your kids, you can’t enjoy being intimate with your spouse, you can’t do shit. Watching TV, playing on the computer, mindlessly vegging out…This is not living…this is existing and I’m fucking done not living.


Until next time,



Oh, and if you haven’t, please google smart sexy paleo. That chick’s blog is about as honest as one I’ve seen, and her honesty is refreshing. If foul language offends you, probably shouldn’t check it out, but then again, you’re reading my blog aren’t you.


What do you think?

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