Let’s talk about sex baby…or rather the first time

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Barefoot, Fitness, Health, Inspiration, Life, Paleo, Running, Weight loss
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Do I have your attention? Good, because that’s not what this post is about. Shucky darn.

He’s never out of breath.

This post is indeed about the first time…The first time I ran barefoot, and how I managed to transition into barefoot running, and how I can run barefoot/minimalist now without any issues other than getting winded. DAMN YOU LUNGS!!!! KEEP UP!

I’ve mentioned my transition a few times before, but I’ve gotten a few requests to talk about it from a different angle. People want to know how I handled injury, or rather, how I transitioned without injury.  It doesn’t happen like everyone thinks. For the most part, yes there are some freaks out there, you don’t just kick off your shoes and bang out a 5 mile run without having a few issues. Me being the overly cautious worrier that I am…I kicked off my shoes and ran for about 30 seconds. Then walked for a bit, then ran again etc etc. Essentially, I followed the couch 2 5k program. In fact, I still advocate that program, even for experienced runners, because it forces you to not do too much too soon. I mean nothing is more embarassing then being all revved up and ready to go for your first time, then getting overzealous and ending it in the first 30 seconds…Sounds like highschool for more than a few of us I’m sure.

No caption needed…Legen….wait for it…Dary

No one wants their barefoot running career to end prematurely. No no…We all want it to be sunshine and rainbows with Slash playing in the background as we triumphantly pitter patter past all the shod runners who look miserable. We want our first time to be awesome, like all the pornos…eherm I mean marathons that we’ve watched. We want to be the Barney Stinson of barefoot running. Sadly that doesn’t happen. Most of us get way too excited and we wind up only hurting ourselves in the big scheme of things. Stress fractures, blisters, pulled muscles, side stitches, they all suck. But there are ways around them.

I’m sure most of you frequent several barefoot running forums. Most notably thebarefootrunners.org. I’m sure you’ve seen the countless threads discussing a stress fracture or a blister, or analyze what caused my injury without actually watching me run type threads…I’m guessing your nodding your heads possibly giggling on the inside? Good. Then you’ve also seen the countless responses saying to slow down, listen to your body, REST your muscles…Yet, like the 12 year old boys who just recently discovered “special time”, all that wisdom all the warnings goes in one ear and out the other. Oh no, go slow you say? Pfft fast feels good. Listen to my body? Pfft, I’m tough, I’ll run through it…

2 months later we get this response: GAH barefoot running is a joke…Gahhh I got a stress fracture caused by barefoot running…I bet you’re giggling again. No dummy..barefooting it didn’t cause the injury. Your inability to listen to your body did. That was the issue.

In the spirit of the post, I’ll give one advice that I would only apply to barefoot running. DON’T use protection. Your feet will get numb, yeh, you’ll be able to last longer, but you won’t feel everything that you need to feel to know you’re doing it right. Also it’s a lot easier to fake it when you’re wearing protection. Ok enough enough.


Ok, so now to address the real question, how did I manage injury. Well first off, I never really had an injury. I did manage to rip off a pad from my foot. That was caused by running from an errant rottweiler who decided I looked like a tasty treat. Kicked a concrete lip, and didn’t realize I’d done it til I got home and saw a bloody foot step. I remedied the problem by carefully cutting the loose skin off, and keeping it bandaged. I also didn’t run until it was fully healed. People seem to think that just because something quits hurting, that it’s completely healed. That’s not always the case and it certainly wasn’t in my case.  The total recovery time was about a month. Keep in mind I’m an overly cautious worrier.

What you should take away from this post is this:

Follow the couch 2 5k program for your transition. If something hurts, don’t be an idiot. STOP what you are doing, let it heal, then try again. You don’t get a medal for fastest transition to barefoot running. You aren’t going to be a war hero and no one will consider you a god. So stop being stupid. You’re not hurting anyone but yourself.

Until next time,


  1. Dale Barnard says:

    Good advice. Thanks for the post.

    In my case, I had strengthened my feet and calves, so running didn’t hurt. But after a 8.5-mile run that felt fine, I sat down for an hour, when I stood up, I felt a sharp pain in my foot–stress fracture–that knocked me out of running for 4+ months. I read too late that bones take longer to transition than muscles and tendons, so I guess I didn’t get a warning from my bones that I was going too far too fast. Hindsight is 20-20.

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