Ok enough Robin Williams for the morning. Let’s get into the meat of today’s post.


Folks, my back hurts. So do my hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Now, I’m not talking about omg it hurts give me drugs. I’m talking a creaky ache…Like my muscles are atrophing. Which would make sense given that I haven’t done much of anything physical over the last 3-4 weeks…Tonight that is remedied. Tonight I’ll be strapping on the sandals again. Tonight, I’ll be pusing my jogging stroller with little miss Aubrey inside.

I’m pretty stoked about this. Do I think it will be a long run? No. But it’ll be a run. That’s what matters. That initial step. It takes initiative. Initiative…something I’ve been lacking as of late. I’ve had plenty of “excuses” for not doing anything healthy for myself. Namely, a new baby and my life revolving around her needs first. But, eherm, she NEEDS a HEALTHY and FIT daddy. So, taking care of my needs is helping to take care of her needs. So, that kind of wipes out my excuses all in one shot.

So today I ask you, what excuses have you been using? What does it take to light the fitness fire under your candy ass? It took my daughter to light mine. Do you need a buddy to keep you company? Is that it? I’ll be that buddy. Look me up on Daily Mile. I’ll be posting more and more frequently there.

On a side note, what would you guys like to start seeing more of on this blog? I want to give you what you want. So let me hear about it.


Until next time,


  1. Dale Barnard says:

    I’d like to know more about the difficulties you faced in transitioning to barefoot/minimalist running. I ended up going too far too fast, so suffered a stress fracture. Now, trying to transition more slowly.

    • I will definitely get a post up about that in the near future. Including how I transitioned to minimalize (pun intended) overuse injuries. Thanks for the comment, and I’m sorry to hear about the fx.

  2. I agree, babies are the motivation to keep yourself healthy and exercising. It just took me a while (months) to adjust to the shift.

    • Yep. I don’t think I’ll be back to as much as as I was prior to her arrival. However, I know something is better than nothing, and my nutrition is far more important than the actual physical aspect. I’m just excited to get started again.

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