A Paradigm Shift

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Running

Morning friends,

As many of you are aware, my baby girl recently decided to join the world. Since then I’ve been super busy doing all the things that new dads get to do. Also, that leaves me very little time to run/maintain my fitness levels…That is until a routine is established. Also, this means even less time to blog. With that in mind, writing is still a very fun and meaningful project for me, and as such, I will continue to post here as much as I can.


However, due to my inability to continue with researching and studying up on the fitness related things that I know you enjoy reading, my blog is going to be taking a more personal tone for the near future. I’m sure at some point, when things have settled back down and routines have been re-established that I’ll get back into providing you with kick ass commentary and ideas on a more consistent basis.  You’ll probably be seeing lots of new posts about daddydom and what I’ve learned, and some of the funnier experiences that come along with a newborn. You’ll probably see posts accounting runs, workouts, food intake, what not. Gotta be accountable somewhere right?


So until next time,



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