No, that’s not the name of MGBG’s budding gym. It’s this mindset that I’ve been in over the last few days. Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself in this, well, rut. With a new baby on the way and our OB keeps telling us anyday now, I’ve been neglecting long runs for fear of being away from my wife should she decided to pop. In fact, I’ve been neglecting any kind of physical activity that didn’t involve two joysticks and a big screen tv. Or a handheld…Can we say pokemon anyone? Yes, I’m a child of the late 80s…Deal with it.

Needless to say, my diet hasn’t been on point either…Ok ok…really on the map at all is more like it, but that’s here nor there and a topic for a different post. Yesterday, I was feeling particularly restless. Like I just needed to run. So, I threw on the KSO’s and all my fancy pants running gear (ie shorts, hat, shirt, ipod, waterbottle) and ran…I had planned on nice 7-9 mile run, but got side tracked at about the 4 mile mark. I was running past my old highschool and I saw the practice field. The same field I run my sprints on…Come on, nice plush grass, well marked distances, who could resist right?

So I thought, eh I’ll cut this run short and go do some sprints…Oh if only it had been just sprints. No no, the sprints happened, but the football team had also left some of their equipment out…Namely, a 6ft, in diameter, tractor tire and several smaller tires. I was happier than a pig in shit…Pardon the southern expression. What followed that decision was an hour and a half of grunting, dry heaving, puking, cussing, and laughing at myself. It was, perhaps, the most freeing workout I’ve had…ever. All kinds of strange looks from walkers on the track…mainly because I’m lifting this big ass tire, rolling it over, and lifting again…barefoot, with a spandex shirt, and blaring Katy Perry…Complete with karaoke esque sing along. Then I threw some of the smaller tires…That was fun…and exhausting. Then I ran stairs afterwards followed by a 1.5 cool down walk…All in all a successful workout.


The awesome part of it was…none of it was planned. It was an entirely spontaneous workout that, by judging of my mind set today, broke my rut and refocused me on my fitness goals. Perhaps planning every workout, every mile run, or every calorie in or out is the wrong focus. Perhaps focusing on getting teh supah sexay bicepzzzz and teh washboard abs isn’t where it’s at in terms of fitness. Perhaps going out, having fun, moving heavy shit, and running is where it’s really at?

I’m interested to know, are you a planner? Do you pour over charts and graphs and scales to ensure absolute success? Or are you like a free spirit bro…Just drifting on the wind, like a paper bag…etc. etc I’m interested to know how you go about accomplishing your goals? I find that my methodology changes every few months, and it’s always refreshing to do so. No one likes a stagnant routine, and change is often necessary to reinvigorate myself.


Until next time,



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