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Posted: April 16, 2012 in Baby, Birth, Children, Family, Life, Vacation, Work
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Howdy Puffins,


Boy how time flies between posts it seems. Today doesn’t have any mind altering discussion or links to bloggers more famous than myself. No No, today is merely an update into the happenings of the Head Puffin’s everyday life. As has been noticed by several readers, my posts have been sporadic to say the least, over the last few weeks. This has to do with that troublesome thing we call life. Not only had my running been picking up, but I’d been spending more time doing things around the house to prepare for Aubrey, my soon to arrive daughter.

She isn’t actually due until the first week of May, but 2 weeks ago, our OB told my wife that we could expect her before the end of April. Actually within 2 weeks of that appointment. So, technically, if he’s right, she should be here by Thursday…HOLY SHIT STICKS! But then last Thursday, he threw us another curveball. Not only is she going to be early…He’s predicting Tuesday, as in, TOMORROW!!!! DOUBLE SHIT STICKS!

So the passed 2 weeks have been spent hustling and bustling about the house trying to prepare, packing away all the amazing stuff my wife got from her big baby shower Saturday, and rearranging things over and over again to find out the best place for things…All of which I’m sure will change once Aubrey actually gets here. Oddly though, I’m not super nervous like I thought I’d be. This is particularly odd because, well, I’m a worrier by nature. So the fact that I’m not really worrying worries me. Oh good Lord…I NEED A SHRINK I think.


On top of the baby news, work has been particularly stressful as of late. I’ve been named one of the lead builders for a new program that our hospital is moving toward. Over the next year, I’ll be working longer days building this new program while still being required to complete my normal duties in a timely manner, all while receiving no extra pay. OH the joys of adulthood. I’m really looking forward to the week off that I’m getting when Aubrey gets here…Oh boy am I looking forward to it.


Until next time,



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