Sometimes you gotta run faster

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Barefoot, Fitness, Gastric Bypass, Health, Running, Sandals, Weight loss
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Good morning Puffins,

Yesterday I went on a pleasant 10 mile run. I’ve tried running this route a few times with mediocre results…I dont’ time my runs, so I don’t particularly care how long it takes me to run a distance. However, I do prefer to RUN the entire distance. It’s some sort of mental thing with me. I kind of feel like failure if I walk any other time I’m not approaching an intersection or something like that. Anywho, invariably on my previous runs on this route, my calves have imploded on me and locked up…EVERY time, usually right around the 8.5 or 9 mile mark. I could not for the life of me figure it out. However, yesterday, I wore my unshoe sandals, AND, perhaps more importantly, increased my stride length a bit. Doing so increased my pace, and by the time I knew it I was at mile 9 without having a single issue other than my lungs being on fire. The pace was much faster than I’m used too, and my lungs were angry with me for making them work. I tend to sing along with my ipod when I’m running…I used it to keep myself at a comfortable pace. I’ll also need to remember to stop at a gas station and fill my water. Ran out in the middle of mile 7…Which, on this particular route, is about 4 miles away from any other gas station…Not pleasant. Luckily last night was beautiful night for running. 60 degrees when I finished just after sunset.

However, I’ve determined a comfortable pace for me might just be faster than I was giving myself credit for. Perhaps my body, my lungs will catch up soon, is more comfortable at a faster pace as opposed to a slower more aerobically comfortable pace. That’s new for me. While I think the unshoes also had something to do with a more efficient form, thank you sweet sweet ground feel, I really do think it’s the sweet spot in stride length and cadence that I found that really made the majority of my run effortless. Only another test run at this faster pace will tell.

Also, if you haven’t gotten yourself on the unshoes wagon, get your asses over there. I’ve yet to find a shoe that can consistently compete with my unshoes. Sure, sometimes I want to wear other shoes over the sandals, but I usually wind up wishing I’d have them with me. They are my gold standard minimalist shoe.

Just thought I’d share this minor epiphany,



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