Let’s Get it started in here….Etc etc.

Good morning Puffins. I bet you are wondering where I’ve been? If not, for shame. 50 lashings for each of you. Well, to put it shortly, I’ve been running….and running….and running. I’ve got big changes happening in my life. My wife and I are in our 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Baby Aubrey should be here in the next 4-6 weeks. Holy shit that’s soon. We’ve been busy getting her room together, planning, freaking out, and well, ya know, realizing that soon we are going to be parents. Let me reiterate that…HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

To deal with the stresses and what not, I’ve been running my ass off. I mean that literally. I’ve now graduated from a little ass to no ass at all. Fantastic. My pants were already hard enough to keep up. Last week I put more miles on my feet than I ever have in a single week. Some 40ish miles. Yes, I know, that’s not a huge distance for most runners, but I’m not most runners, and I’ve only been running recreationally for a year, so it’s a milestone for me. I’ve also been experimenting with route running. Or rather, lack of route running. I just head out the door and run til I’m too tired to run anymore…Then I call my wife, mother, dad, sisters etc to come pick my ass up from BFE. It seems to be working out well. I don’t feel like a hamster, and I get to see the town that I live in from a different perspective. I’ve really reconnected with running, and I love it now more than ever. The summer heat is starting to creep up on us again here in Oklahoma. That means I’m having to relearn how to properly hydrate in the heat and what not. Also, my runs have been getting longer. I’ve gone from 1-1.5 hours of running to 2-2.5 almost over night. This is great news for my stress levels, not so great for my energy levels. I’ve discovered I really need to eat more…Which is hard for a bypass patient. However, this just means I need more calorie dense foods. So, that’s something I’ll be working on.

To start, I think I’m going to add a few more carbs back into my diet. I’ve been under ~50g a day of carbs. That’s pretty low. I’m planning on bumping this to 100g and dialing it back if need be. I’m going to add more fruit and possibly an occasional cup or so of white rice. Most people on the Paleo/Primal blueprint seem to tolerate white rice pretty well. If I don’t, I’ll just start eating sweet potatoes more. No big deal. I can finally say that the gut irritation I’ve been suffering from since I was sick a few weeks ago is gone. I think this is due to a combination of probiotic supplementation (antibiotics kill good gut bacteria too) and time. Things are back to normal finally. Yeehaw. Now I can get back to kicking the asses of all the names I’ve taken while not at 100%. The list is quite long. Christ, all the extra time I’m going to be spending kicking ass means I’ll have to eat EVEN MORE! Why is being awesome so bloody difficult? Well I guess if it was easy, everyone would be awesome. Such is life.


What is new in your lives? Any exciting news? Any deep thought provoking revelations? I’m interested to know.


Until next time,


  1. CalliValley says:

    Puff, I thought you were whole30ing? Did I miss a post? I understand though, running does burn those calories. Do you take your supplements?

    An awesome DVD or book for new parents “happiest baby on the block” 🙂

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