Sexy and I know it.

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Running
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Morning Puffins,

I made an astonishing discovery this morning. While walking towards a window, I noticed that my shoulders are broader than my waist line, more specifically my love handles. I finally am getting that coveted X shape that everyone dreams of having. Want to know what else I realized??? I’m incredibly narcissistic…I mean the whole point of my gastric bypass, paleo, running, lifting, insert health related activity here, was to get teh sexay abs right?

Eh, mostly. I’m not going to lie. Health was NOT the primary reason for undergoing bypass. It was an entirely aesthetically motivated decision. I wanted the body of a different god. I mean I already had the body of Buddha. Not a sexy look unless you are trying to attract the love of millions of people that follow that religion…Or be shunned as a false god. Who knows. I think 99% of people would agree, that they don’t kill themselves on a diet or exercise regime without the ultimate goal of being super sexy. To them, like me at the time, increased health and lifespan are just bonuses rather than being the end goal. Kind of warped thinking really.

Fast Forward 2 years later, and my god look how my thoughts have changed. My goal isn’t to have the washboard abs or to be in an axe body spray commercial. My goal is to improve my fitness and health (no they aren’t interchangeable words meaning the same thing) with the fact that an aesthetically pleasing body usually follows along with that. It’s interesting to still look at yourself with the mentality of a fat person. Believe me, anyone who has been fat at one point in their lives, looks in the mirror, even when at their healthiest, and still sees the fat person looking back at them. It’s time to break that stigma. It’s time to shed our narcissistic tendencies and focus on what’s really important. Focus on our health. The sexiness will follow.  


Until next time,



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