Why hello there loyal minions,


It’s been a bit longer than I wanted to get back around to posting at regular intervals. As most of you know, I was sick for an entire week a couple of weeks ago, and my recovery has taken a bit longer than I thought it would. Eherm…A week longer to be exact. I figured I’d be up and at em back at 100% by this time, but only today do I feel that I’m truly there. I have done absolutely ZERO fitness related activities, and instead have pretty much sat on the couch catching up on T.V and video games….Yah, you heard me right. I’ve been…LAZY!

Well, NO MORE people. I’m hanging up the lazy hat and putting on the productivity/health hat…Ok, I’m not really putting on a hat, but visualize for my sake. My diet has been in shambles, thanks to not being able to tolerate much of anything for a week, and then my stomach being cramped because I started back on Conventional Wisdom of crackers and what not…Some habits are hard to break folks. Anywho, I think I might have discovered that, like the majority of the rest of the population, I might be gluten intolerant. I say this only because anytime in the past 2 weeks that I’ve eaten gluten, I’ve become gassy and had massive stomach cramps. Those things never happened before…I think the detox of being Primal/Paleo for a few months, plus the bout of sickness, plus listening to CW and getting right back to the grains, is what finally brought about this possible food allergy. Well, I’m doing a self experiment, kind of…I’m going back to full paleo and seeing if my stomach cramps and what not clear up. So far so good. Today was the first morning I woke up without any bloat/cramps and is coincidentally the first day after not eating grains.

Now I’m told that it takes ~2 weeks for damage done by gluten to disappear, so I’ll be keeping a constant watch on it over the next month or so…Yah, I’m doubling that study. Go me for being all gung ho about it, but the study is kind of irrelevant in the long run because I won’t be eating grains anymore anyway…So it’s really more just for my OCD of having to know what could be causing what…Thank you Gregory House M.D…

Also the weather seems to be clearing up…Or at least the damn cold is going away. This means a return to running in my near future. Yah Yah, MGBG runs in the snow barefoot up hill both ways 82 miles from home…Well he also eats a shit ton of spicy foods which keeps his core approximately the same temp as the sun…So, uhm, he’s a badass. Me…I’m from Oklahoma. We don’t like the cold. More importantly we don’t like sub freezing temps with wind chills that drop it to below 0. So for most of the winter, like the ground hog, I’ve kept my happy ass inside where it’s warm. So, with the weather warming, my gut feeling better, and my spark for fitness returning, it’s time to get back outside and get some mileage in. I’ve also been neglecting Slosha McTuberson. I really should give her a call.

Until next time,



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