And other bullshit sayings that people use to justify piss poor decision making.

Here is fair warning: This post will probably piss some of you off. I call US out onto the carpet and make us accountable for decisions. If this sounds inherently evil, or you don’t have your big girl panties on, it might be a bit more than what you bargained for on Monday morning. I do hope you’ll stick around and realize there is something to be gleaned from my incessant ramblings that might just help improve some aspect of someone’s life somewhere…Or maybe I am just a rambling idiot that just likes to hear or read my own voice.

Puffins, do you want to know the great thing about running your own blog? You can say what you want without all the censorship and niceties that people usually require before allowing something to be posted on the almighty interwebs.

What the hell is she moderating?

I want to talk about sabotaging our, I’m guilty too, nutritional and fitness goals by using stupid sayings like everything in moderation, or it’s only one bite, or I’ll start tomorrow. Everyone reading this blog, yes all two of you, know that you have said some form of those sayings at one point or another. Hell, you probably said them this morning when that box of donuts in the break room suddenly appeared and every single donut had your name written on it in glitzy, sugary, creamy icing. Well it’s just one. One wont hurt. You’re probably right. It won’t hurt. In fact, you’ll probably feel great about eating it. Fast forward 20-30 minutes…how do you feel now? Regretting that piss poor decision? Yah, I figured.

Charlie Brown esque if I do say so.


Now before you get all mad and click that back button up there, let me tell you this…I played out that very scenario at my mom’s house this weekend. So no, I’m not being hypocritical, which seems to be the word of choice for people when it comes to discussing all things diet/nutrition/fitness related. Aww what do skinny people know about health? You don’t understand, you’ve never been fat. There is one allergy that I, along with like minded individuals, seem to have…We are utterly allergic to bullshit. I break out in hives. It’s scary stuff. It’s even worse when it is something I’ve bullshitted myself into. Everything in moderation, you’ve been so good you deserve a treat, etc etc. I’m not saying you can’t ever have a delicious treat again. That’s definitely not what I’m saying. I’m merely arguing that you call it like it is. It’s not being moderate if you have a donut every week, it’s a decision that you, as a human being with a developed, some more than others I might add, brain, actively make.

If only they hadn't ruined it by putting that donut on there.

That’s what it is folks. It’s a decision. When you step on the scale in the morning, weekly, monthly, or whenever you do…And you get disappointed, think about all the decisions made in moderation that you have made during the day, the week, the month, etc. How many of them could you have avoided? Are you happy now that you had that hamburger smashed between two Krispy Kreme donuts now? Again, don’t confuse what I’m saying to be harsh. I think all of us, as human beings, need to relearn a little self accountability. We need to understand that our decisions, no matter how minute, affect our goals. That doesn’t mean beat yourself up over that burger you had. However, that doesn’t mean sugar coat it, and tell yourself that it isn’t going to affect you. The problem with doing that is it’s a slippery slope. Sure that one piece of cake at the company party might not affect you. Then you see that it didn’t affect you…So you become more loose with your decisions. This in turns lead to more decisions made in the name of moderation. Until eventually you are back where you started, overweight, unhappy, and wondering where it all went wrong. We’ve been there before, we know what happens and how that feels. Save yourself the trouble. If you are going to have a treat, do so. I don’t encourage punishing yourself. Life is about LIVING after all. I’m merely asking, pleading really, that we take some accountability for our actions rather than talking ourselves into feeling good about something we know was not a good decision. Start doing this with your nutrition, then start taking accountability for other things in life. Sure, there are things you can’t control, but there are more things that you can control than you would imagine. Just try it sometime, and for god’s sake don’t eat the Krispy Kreme hamburger. There is no way you could talk yourself outta that one.


I hope this didn’t twist your nips the wrong way, even if it did, it needed to be said.


Until next time,


  1. Terral says:

    After that introduction I was expecting something a lot more harsh! 🙂 I have found in my life that if I have to justify an action or behavior then I probably shouldn’t be doing it. You hit the nail on the head by mentioning doughnuts! I have a love/hate relationship with doughnuts. Luckily my wife hates them so it has become easier to pretend they don’t exist!

    On a different note I have a family history of heart problems so I try to be really careful about what I eat. I’m a skinny dude and my weight never changes no matter what I eat. When I refuse to eat something or make any comment about health I get chewed out by people who assume that because I’m skinny then I can eat anything I want in whatever quantity I want. It makes me sad that weight loss is more important than health for most people. Of course loosing weight is a very worthy goal but in the end it’s all about living a healthy life.

  2. Terral,

    Yah, it was originally far more harsh, however, I thought it might be better to ween my fellow puffs into my more abrasive side than to actually just throw them into it lock stock and barrel. You know, shocking the system is good, but not in the way I had originally planned to write. I’m slowly learning to write with my own voice, as opposed to the voice that I think people want to hear.

    In the weight side of things, I eat for health, not weight loss. Weight loss is a by-product. Don’t get me wrong I want to LGN (Look Good Nekkid), but health is the primary goal above all others. The jaded point of view that people give others is ridiculous. You don’t know what any one person’s health is from the next. Being skinny doesn’t make you immune to the same health conditions that bigger people are prone too. Skinny people get such a bad wrap. It’s ridiculous.

    Nice to see someone reading, and assumingly enjoying, my blog that I actually have formed some sort of relationship with outside my family. heh.

    • Terral says:

      I do read your blog (and enjoy it!). In fact I read it enough that I can tell that you do eat for health. I also like your take on paleo diet. You do it because it makes you feel better and you are not so extreme about it.

      Weight loss is a topic I usually shy away from because I really don’t know what it’s like to have to fight it. I don’t want to look like a hypocrite but sometimes I just feel like people get so caught up with counting calories that they forget to count nutrients.

      By the way, you inspired me to pass up ice-cream after dinner tonight!

      • That’s great to hear. Yeh. I take a pretty relaxed approach but I don’t kid myself. Ill drink guiness with friends and eat crap when everyone wants pizza…I just know that the next meal has to be better and start from there. I don’t think I need to cheat every week or month or whatever. That just makes it less stressful for me when the wife and I do go out with friends. Its life not a game won or lost on the scale.

  3. AMEN! Brother! I KNOW one thing leads to another. And, it’s so easy to forget that moderation I had earlier in the day.

    A lot of that fitness bs tells you to be nicer to yourself but I found that sometimes I just need a cold glass of reality in the face.

  4. Roses,

    Yeh, a slap of reality does the body and mind good. It amazes me the lengths that people go to to find reasons why their nutrition and health is declining, yet they tend to forget that moderation means moderate…Not, oh it’s only one doughnut for today, or it’s only 1 slice of cake (on a dinner plate) or what not. That’s not moderation, that’s lying to yourself.

  5. youngcaveman says:

    I am SO glad to know that there is one more person on this planet that believes just as passionately as I do about the mediocrity of these excuses. I do not believe in moderation, period! When I chose to go Paleo, I did it 95%. The other 5% is reserved for the times that I must go to a restaurant for an occasion or what not.

    Moderation towards a goal results in that goal never being achieved. If a person actually wants it bad, he will be extreme in his pursuits.

    • Caveman,

      Completely agree. Moderation only teaches us to give in to every littl whim. I’m not down for that. Moderation led me to my gastric bypass…No more moderating for me. Taking my health and nutrition into my own hands is probably the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.

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