Memories....Precious Memories....

 Woohoo Puffins. Good morning. Time for another weekly delving into the everyday life of your fearless leader. 10 cool points if you say fearless leader like Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Another 10 points if you know what that show is. This was a busy week on the blog. So let’s get you caught up to speed.
I’ve uploaded two new reviews. The first was of the Kigo Drive and the Luna Sandal Equus. I also declared my all out war on Moobs. Again, for those you not in the know or don’t own your very own set of moobs, they are Man-Boobs. They are plaguing our country and its male citizens and it’s time to stop. To read about my first plan of attack on the Moob epidemic click this pretty link here. In that same post I also challenged MGBG’s man cred by one upping his kilt with my own grass skirt. Granted it was more of a joke, but if enough interest is generated….I’ll wear a grass skirt for my after weight loss photos in a few months.
For those of you who follow my twitter @barefootpuffin, you’ll note that late last night I sent a tweet regarding how much weight I’ve lost since going Paleo/Primal in the middle of December. I started at 224lb, that’s 90ish pounds down after Gastric Bypass, and yesterday afternoon I weighed 206. So, that’s 18lb down from the middle of December. My goal is to Look Good Naked, LGN for short. So, I don’t have a goal weight per se, but being under 200lb would be pretty sweet. I haven’t been under 200lb since 9th grade. Let’s do some simple math…I was uhh…16 the last time that happened. Over 8 years ago. Sheesh. That would be totally awesome.  If you don’t follow my twitter….WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOURSELF? This is cutting edge stuff folks. Wouldn’t you rather be on the train to fame before all the bandwagon folks hop on after I’ve made my bazillions??? Then when I’m giving awesome speeches I can say, and I’d like to thank everyone there who supported me through the hard times…That’s you guys…Wouldn’t that be awesome? Some Golden Globe esque shout outs to no one in particular. Don’t you want to be those people?

Not my pic, but it demonstrates the awesome that is Slosha.

Slosha McTuberson continued to humble and embarass me this week. Seriously, the Slosh tube is an evil evil device. Just picking it up is ridiculous. I did manage to get 3 OH presses up with her. I was happy about that. Walking my backyard still proves to be a little difficult. Mainly because my backyard is about as level as Super Mario World. That only adds to the difficulty.

I went for a very early morning crisp run with the Lawton/Ft Sill running club. Saturday. 2 mile warm up in my vffs and then 2 miles of barefooting it with the crew. That’s all my little toes could take before they were numb to everything around them. Guess that’s what happens in 24 degree weather. Oh well. It was a fun time and I learned that I can run in colder temps than I thought. Kudos to me.
This week was a pretty quiet week on the personal side of things. Just the way I like em. We got some stuff for Aubrey’s room set up. We, read my super awesome wife, did a bunch of on-line shopping and found everything we need for our little bundle of joy to survive. You know, music mobile, cute bedding stuff, lamp, wall decals, all the necessities that a newborn needs. Not that I’m complaining. Means I get to hone my man skills putting all that stuff together. The baby apparently likes to run around too. My wife told me last night that it felt like she was running a marathon. She’s already taking a shine to her daddy’s hobbies. Cool beans for me. Now if I can just get her into Xbox and Goofy looking shoes she’ll be ready to take over the world with her dad. Also, she’ll have to play sports. Mom and Dad played sports, we turned out pretty good. Maybe there is some correlation to all that. Who knows. We are super excited for her to be here, and even the dogs seem to be excited. May seems so far away, yet it also seems so close. Ironic how that works out.
Until next time,

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