Luna Sandals Equus Review

Posted: January 14, 2012 in barefoot, Reviews, Running, Sandals, Shoes
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Good evening Puffins,

As you know, I’m a bit of a huarache fan. If you can’t tell, we are going to be discussing the Luna Sandals Equus today. This sandal is described as their premier everyday running and casual sandal. I was really excited when I ordered these sandals. First of all, I was looking for something “classy” enough to wear while I was on my vacation in Vegas. Secondly, I was excited because I’d heard good things about them, and because it was coming from Luna. Unfortunately that excitement was short lived and replaced with disappointment. I’ll hit on what disappoints me in these sandals as I come to it in each category.


The sole is actually my favorite part of the sandal. It’s only 2mm thick, and as

Even after months of wear, the sole shows minimal wear and tear.

such is technically the thinnest sole of any of the huaraches that I own. It’s a Vibram sole, and as such, is as durable as the thicker more traditional cherry models. I was actually impressed with the sole, and have continued to be so they have endured day to day wear and running over the last several months.

The ground feel of this sandal is good. It’s not as good as my invisible shoes or my Unshoes, however it beats out my Bikilas. The flexibility of the sole is extremely lacking and, to be fair, it is not entirely the sole’s fault. The leather on top aids in reducing flexibility of the sandal. I couldn’t manage to get the sandal into the ever so popular ball test that every single barefoot shoe review seems to have. I hate inflexible shoes. I have yet to complete a run in these shoes because of the shoe’s stiffness. It just feels clumsy. This doesn’t bother me while walking, but it drives me absolutely batty if I run in them for more than a mile. This was disappointment number 1.

Foot bed

This sandal literally molds to your foot.

I decided to go with the Equus because, at the time of purchase, the Cordovan leather was only offered on this model, and it was something I really wanted to try. While the leather is high quality and feels nice underfoot, it makes for an extremely stiff shoe and for my schweaty feet it makes for an annoyingly sticky surface. This was annoying when the sandals were brand new. I’ve noticed as they have become more and more broken in the sticky feeling has subsided a bit. Or that could be due to the winter making sweating a non issue. The upper is 2mm thick, making the entire thickness of the sandal 4mm. This is on par with all the other sandals I own. I just wish the leather had been a more comfortable foot bed.  I’d be willing to bet that the original leather material, you know the one you glued on yourself with their kit, is a better foot bed material. Although I don’t own the originals so I can’t say that for a fact.


The Luna lacing system is unique to the sandal world. They offer elasticized

This lacing should have been a godsend. Instead, it caused nothing but head and feet aches.

leather laces on every single model that they make. The intention of this was to take the guess work out of lacing your sandals, and make them a one time lace and done thing. Reminds me of the Ronco Rotisserie…Just set it and forget it. As with the rest of the sandal that just didn’t seem to pan out. To be fair, my sandals are probably a 1/2 size to big, which means the holes probably aren’t in the exact spot they should be in. Luna does offer custom sizes and my sizing issues could have been resolved if I had gone with the custom option. But being in a time crunch, I opted for their pre-sized option. I just have massive problems getting the laces right so that the sandal rests comfortably on the foot. If I lace the sandals loosely, my foot moves around on the sandal too much. If I cinch the laces tight to move my foot forward in the sandal the laces dig into my skin and cut off circulation. I’ve spent more time lacing these sandals than any other sandal I own. I will say that I believe if the sandal size was where it was supposed to be that the lacing problems would probably work themselves out.

That small piece of rubber caused MASSIVE problems.

Another gripe that I have with the laces is the rubber sleeve they use to protect the seam where the ribbon is sewn to the rubber of the lace. This was a new design Luna came up with to reduce the irritation that people had between their toes. Adding a thinner ribbon to the lacing was a good idea, and one that I was happy with. However, that sleeve is really irritating. First of all, it isn’t secured in anyway. It can be moved up and down the lace and that happened quite often while wearing them. The movement takes away from its ability to protect the connection between ribbon and rubber. Not only that, but the corners of the sleeve scratched the tops of my feet something awful. I eventually took a glob of shoe goo to the sleeve to lock it in place.

The one good thing I can say about the lacing system, aside from the ribbon, is

Easily the best thing about the sandal.

the countersunk knot. If you’ve ever worn a traditional huarache you know that a major problem can be the knot under foot. Luna fixed that by counter sinking their knot into the sole of the sandal is completely flat. This is awesome for two reasons. The first is it makes walking on such a thin sole infinitely more comfortable. Secondly, it increases the durability of the laces. At 12 bucks a set, that’s kind of nice. That countersunk knot is not going to wear down ever, so you shouldn’t need to replace the laces any time soon either. That is unless you cut like a kindergartner and ruin it when you do your trimming.


My overall opinion of the Luna Equus is that I should have gone with the originals. I just had a hard time finding much to like about these sandals. This was a real let down given the expensive price tag they carry. These sandals are far more expensive than my other sandals. I really wished that they had as been as good as I had hoped. If you are looking for an everyday sandal and you have your heart set on going with Luna, I’d suggest saving some money and go with their original model. While I don’t own them myself, I’ve yet to read a bad review about them, and at the very least you won’t be out 125 if you don’t like them. Some of the issues that I have with the sandal are due to the fit. They weren’t offering half sizes when I ordered my sandals so the fit isn’t as exact as a custom pair would have been at the time. I’d be willing to give the originals a try in the interest of giving Luna a fair shot with their product. Ted is a great guy, and his team have done a lot for minimalist foot wear. I just wish I could have given a positive review of the sandal. I just can’t do that for the Equus though.


Until next time,


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  2. migangelo says:

    i like my equus. yes, they were very stiff at first. i wear them casually but can break into a run if i need to. i’ve worn them so much i replaced the tread and got them updated with the new countersunk lacing system. they work great.
    don’t buy these to run in, nor the laces. i like my originals for running, casual wear, and for recovery. their softness and durability make them very versatile and i recommend those if you’re new to huaraches.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t really buy them to run in, as I prefer my other huaraches for that and I had them long before my Lunas. Just so happens that I prefer my others for casual wear too. Maybe when they are more broken in and more flexible I’ll be able to run in them. For now, they are my “classy” footwear when I need to be somewhere that a nice pair of sandals would suffice. IE dinner occasions, outings, etc.

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