Puffins, lets talk about something that really grinds my gears, ruffles my feathers, throws off my groove, and just down right bothers me.

People thinking that Gastric Bypass is a quick fix to their weight/health issues, don’t do their research, don’t find a GREAT surgeon, don’t understand the ramifications of not following the post op protocols, and think that if they don’t tone up into Barbie and Ken that the bypass has somehow failed them like everything else they have or haven’t tried. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll lose weight, and you’ll do so at a remarkably quick pace. People see folks that have had their amazing results and they think, wow, maybe I should talk to my doc about that. Maybe it could help me look hot in a bikini/speedo what have you. They think that surgery is the only way for them to be happy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Gastric Bypass helped me be a little happier about myself, but it alone did not MAKE ME HAPPY.

What I really want to talk about today is perhaps the most irritating thing on the planet to someone who, like myself, has made lifestyle changes to better my health post gastric bypass. Seeing people put their weight BACK ON post surgery. Are you kidding me? Come on people! That surgery is designed to make it extremely difficult to put on weight. I’ve figured out how people are doing it too. I’ve watched them do it. I’ve done it a few times (note I haven’t actually ever put on weight, but there have been stretches where my nutrition was less than optimal). They revert to eating like they used too. Sure, they follow the post-op protocol for a few months. Then they start experimenting with food choices. I’ve got no beef with that. However, you shouldn’t be experimenting with Coke, chips, pizza, grains, and processed foods. You should be experimenting with real wholesome foods. Fruit, fibrous veggies, REAL MEAT, fish, eggs, etc…You get the picture.

Our nutritional absorption is already compromised because we bypass part of the intestine. So why on earth are you eating things that provide next to NO nutritional value, and could cause potential allergic reactions. Celiac disease anyone? Type II diabetes anyone? Leaky gut, systemic and chronic inflammation? All of these are CAUSED or EXACERBATED by piss poor nutrition. Like I said, our bodies, thanks to the wonders of Conventional Wisdom and surgery, are now not as efficient at absorbing nutrients as our un-altered counterparts. Therefore, we have to strive to have the best most nutrient dense foods possible in order to provide our bodies with what they need. Chips are NOT nutrient dense. No, it doesn’t matter if they are made of whole grain whatevers or not. Cheesy poofs are cheesy poofs regardless of the kind of grain they are.

You might be saying to yourself, Puff, you are such a hypocrite. You can say that. You can think that. However, I’ve struggled with how I physically feel for 2 years post op. I still tried to eat pasta, pizza, soda, all that “delicious” stuff. Sure, I continued losing weight. I’ve been down that road, and my goal now is to keep people, whether they have had surgery or not, OFF THAT ROAD! It’s no fun. It doesn’t provide a pink pony and a gold star at the end of it. It provides you with a thinner body. However, unlike what Conventional Wisdom would have you believe, thinner doesn’t mean healthier. Ever seen a vegetarian? Sure they are probably sinny, but do they LOOK healthy? Not very many of them do. They, like us, are probably malnurished. Don’t you want to be able to take your new body and make it the absolute best that it can be?  Don’t you want to know how to take your skinny self and make it healthy? I promise you, bicep curls and bouncing on the treadmill isn’t going to do it for you. Sure, it might help, but it isn’t going to do anything without proper fuel. You need to reevaluate, just like I have  done, how you eat. I’ve never felt better in my life following the Primal Blueprint. Consequentially, I haven’t ever looked better either.

Now, I’m not saying you have to do what I’m doing. I’m merely trying to give you a nudge to do a self assessment. Take a look at yourself. Ask yourself, are you happy? If you can’t give an excited yes, or if you have to think about the answer it’s time to start looking at how to change. Hell it’s the new year. What better time to start changing yourself for better? Nutrition, now more than ever, is more important than any other aspect of your HEALTH!!!! Take control of your nutrition and see if it doesn’t make a huge difference. Give a whole new meaning to the phrase Do it Yourself. Take a look at the primal blueprint link up there. You won’t be sorry…

/End rant

Until next time,


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