Morning Puffins. Let’s take a few minutes to all take a collective sigh of relief that the holiday season is over…Ready 1….2….3…In through the nose, and out through the mouth…AHHHHHHHH. Feel better? I know I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. However, after the umpteenth dinnery party and turkey and dressing meal….it gets old. Especially when you aren’t the one doing the cooking. I like to cook, and more importantly, I like to cook for other people. Mainly because I get to force them to eat the foods I enjoy eating, and no one turns down a free meal right? Also, it allows me to control what goes into my food and I get to season it to my tastes. Ever had stuffing that was too dry and had next to no seasoning? Yah, no one wants to eat that. Also, this year we really didn’t get caught up in the hullabalooh that is presents and gifts. Don’t get me wrong, we got some cool stuff, but as we are aging, we are finding it far more fun to just be around the family. It was especially rewarding because this year was difficult for both sides of our families and having the holidays go well and spending quality time with them started the healing of a lot of wounds.

This leads to the question: How were your holidays and what did you enjoy most about them?

Onto the recap that you are dying to hear about!


The past week was a pleasant one. Work was light, people were in a genuinely good mood; no doubt fueled by the fact that it was a 3 day weekend followed by another 3 day weekend. I genuinely enjoyed work throughout the week, other than the slowness and lack of actual work, which made the day drag a little. Other than that work went well. If only every week could be as easy and relaxed as this one.


This week saw more running than the previous. Well at least more mileage. I went out for two relatively longer runs than I had been doing recently. The first was a 6 miler that I tested out the road running conditions of the Minimus Trails on. The 2nd was a 7 mile trail run where I tested the Minimus Trails in their designated environment. A review should be coming for them in the next few weeks. Nutrition was still primal blueprint and my weight is down another pound. So that’s always nice. Keep in mind I’m looking at general body composition, not weight lost to determine success. I am still feeling really good. My energy levels have stabilized, I feel like a diesel engine some days. Little difficult to get started, but once I’m going I feel like I could keep going forever. Workouts have been fun. Yesterday’s sprint day was particularly brutal and satisfying. I left the track with burning lungs and legs. I’m really enjoying this kind of spur of the moment exercise. Listening to my body has been critical. On days I feel like pushing it, I do. On days I feel I need to rest, I do. Workouts are unstructured and inventive. They’ve been really fun. I’ve also been reading Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. If you are wondering what the SAD (Standard American Diet) does to your body, I’d highly suggest giving it a read. He sites all of his work and research, and that’s something that’s hard to find these days in a nutritional book. Truly a great read.


This week was a good one. We got to spend time with my in-laws. Unfortunately they weren’t here for Christmas, but they got to come down this weekend to spend some time. We also got Aubrey’s (our soon to be baby) nursery started. I put together her crib while my wife made a few decorations that she had in mind. My wife had a bet that I’d be a frustrated mess trying to put together the crib. However, I think the mood stabilizing benefit of my diet really is helping me maintain my composure. At one point, I was struggling to fit my man hands into a tiny spot to tighten a nut. After 4-5 minutes of fussing with it, I just stood up and laughed about it. That’s a major change in how I would have reacted just 2 short months ago, and it’s a change that I wouldn’t take back in exchange for all the cakes/pasta/bread/soda I ingest. Truly remarkable what diet can do for one’s mood. My wife was surprised that I got it together, unassisted except for her helping me hold pieces while turning nuts. Perhaps I’m channeling my inner Grok and becoming adept with the use of tools. Huzzah. All in all, a great way to end the year, and the new year is already looking promising. By the way, you won’t see a resolutions post for me. I’ve never believed in the beginning of a new year bringing resolutions. There is no better time to start something than the present, so why wait until the New Years to set a resolution when you could just start today?

How did you end your 2011? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Til next time,


  1. My favorite part of the holidays is family, but I agree. It’s tough eating so much that others cooked.

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