Primal Blueprint Comfort Foods

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Family, Fitness, Food, Health, Life, Nutrition, Paleo, Primal, Primal Blueprint, Weight loss
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Today I’d like to share an article from Mark’s Daily Apple that has been the center piece of my dining this passed week. Cooking in bulk, particularly for me, is a bit strange I must admit. However, I’m finding that through experimentation and slight deviation from the recipes, that the same pot roast/large slab of meat, can be used to make several different dishes throughout the same week. I’ve been living off of 5lbs of chuck roast this passed week, and I can honestly say I’m not sick of it yet. Sure, a little tired, but I plan on eating the whole thing. That’s quite a feat when red meat in general gives you stomach problems (thank you gastric bypass). However, I can say that I have kept it down for every single meal and that I have had no gastric issues with it. I think this is largely due to the greatly reduced amount of processed foods that I’ve been eating while following this primal diet. It’s definitely giving me great hope and encouragement. So, if you are looking for ways to make comfort foods over the winter, hop over to Mark’s Daily Apple and do a little digging. My next project is to tackle his Meatza recipe. That oughta be fun.

P.S Do some other reading over at his site. It’s broken down into easily digestible portions, pun intended. It’s more than just chicken breast and broccoli. I’d say that the Primal Blueprint is a user friendlier version of Paleo for the folks that are familiar with it.

P.S.S Christian over at MGBG just wrote another excellent post on holiday paleo recipes. Give it a look too. His advice is usually sound, plus I can’t not link a post that mentions Lion King in it. Get your Christmas Grok on people.

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Until next time,



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