Howdy Puffins. It’s that time again. Weekly recap, here we go.



Work went fairly well last week and I really have nothing to report. Hooray. I’ll take no stress to report anyday.



Running sort of took a back seat thanks to weather and well, motivation. Rather than running alot last week in the poor weather, I decied to take advantage or research I had been doing and spend some time lifting heavy things. You’ll be hearing more of this from me throughout the future because I’ve decided to start following the Primal Blueprint as outlined at Mark’s Daily Apple. I agree with pretty much everything he says, and I think it’s a superior way to eat. I like to look at it as a more user friendly paleo diet that allows for modern day living and self experimentation. As I’m always working on this experiment of one, playing with my diet has been a practice of fun, frustration, and overall learning. Last night I was able to eat the first steak that I’ve manage to keep down since having my gastric bypass surgery in 2009. That’s a huge feat for me and I think it’s partially due to the increased amount of protein I’ve been eating recently.

The one thing that I don’t agree with Mark about is running. He used to be an elite runner, and he diligently argues against running as a necessary means of exercise. He staunchly argues for people to put running to the wayside, and instead walk or hike for their long low intensity exercises. I’m all for that. I don’t run for the exercise. I run for the pure enjoyment of running. Plain and simple. While I plan on incorporating other exercises into my weekly regiment, I don’t think I’ll be giving up running any time soon. It’s too darn fun. What point is giving up something fun just because someone else says to? So I’ll be sticking to my running.

My muscles have been on fire. I’d forgotten what it’s like to lift and move and use my entire body. While my muscles are pretty mad at me right now, I know it’ll all be for the better. Nothing wrong with a little DOMS now and then. I’m rediscovering what it’s like to move as nature intended. No barbells/dumbbells/squat racks here. If I can’t make it, I won’t use it…This leaves me pretty limited other than body weight because I’m pretty bad with my hands lol. Mini blinds are my specific kryptonite for those of you planning an elaborate scheme for my demise. This week was a good week in self experimentation and discovery.



Holidays are in full swing and we had a shabang load of parties to go to this weekend. Friday was my wife’s dinner for work. She was honored as one of the quarterly employees of the month. I’m super proud becuase she works very hard and what she does and like me, is a perfectionist. She really deserved it. She also won 20 bucks in a raffle drawing. That’s dollars not deer. Although, I’d take the deer too since I’m getting all Primal and what not. Saturday was a birthday party for her aunt. It was supposed to be a surprise, but when you live in a town of 20 or so people like she does, nothing is ever truly a surprise. Suffice to say that she totally knew. Good food and friends/family were had all around Saturday and that was always nice. Sunday we had Christmas dinner with her paternal grandmother. Same people from her aunt’s party with a more holiday style meal. We played dirty santa and got to catch up with some of the cousins from my wife’s humongous family. It was a pretty good time. I really do love the holidays, but all the food and parties makes for a stressful time of year. Scheduling (ironically something I do for a living) is extremely difficult and trying to fit everyone in can be quite tedious. However, I never regret going to a party or sharing a meal with loved ones. So in the end it’s always worth it.


That wraps up this weekly recap. I’ve got 2 more reviews coming down the pipe in the next few weeks, plus we’ll be getting updates on my Primal experimentation as I go along on this journey. Posts will be kind of scarce through the remainder of the holidays though.

Until next time,



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