Morning fellow Puffins,

Yes, it’s Tuesday, and yes I missed last weeks round-up. Unfortunately, life has a way of derailing schedules. So today you get a two-fer. As in two weeks for the price of one. That’s twice the incessant ramblings in a single post. See how I’m always thinking of you.




The passed two weeks at work have been a relative breeze when compared to the whirlwind of chaos that was November. Things have calmed down, my work load has diminished, and the office is getting into a routine. That’s what I like to see. We’ve been slowly converting more and more doctors to our new program, and it’s been relieving a ton of stress for me. Fewer doctors left on the old system means more doctors are following the new rules. This means the hospital is getting reimbursed which means I’m getting paid which makes me a happy puff.  Also, I believe all the hair I pulled out in frustration is starting to come back…Just in time for winter too.



The passed to weeks of running have been pretty good. I’ve embraced the fact that winter isn’t disappearing anytime soon, and if I want to run I better pack on the layers and get outside. I also picked up a pair of NB minimus Trails (the originals). I can’t have them until Christmas so there’s that. However, I’ve been giving my Bikilas some love recently, and I’m thinking of giving them another review from a winter running perspective. My perception of the shoe might be changing a bit. I nailed a long run last week. Of course that’s relative, but a 9.3 mile run was pretty awesome to me. I’ve also been experimenting with hydration and using Nuun tablets. Things are working out pretty well and I look forward to reviewing Nuun tablets here in a few months once more extensive testing can be done. All in all, winter isn’t dampening, pun intended, my running too much. A soggy puff is better than a couch puffin.



These passed two weeks have been pretty fun. We went to the Chickasha Christmas Light Festival. If you are from around here, that’s a pretty big thing haha. Naturally, in puffin style, my sisters had two blow-outs on the van on the trip up there. So, what should have been a 45 minute trip up there turned into 3 hours. Hoorah. The carriage ride through the lights was definitely the highlight. Other than that, my wife and I completed all our christmas shopping. For the first time in years, I didn’t ask for a single xbox/computer game. Instead my list was littered with running goodies. Tights, jackets, gloves, etc. That’s quite a shift from my previous sedentary nerdy existence. One I’m certainly happy to have taken. We are anxiously awaiting the day we get to find out what our baby is. We find out Dec 22, when that appointment is. I’ve never had so many appointments to make appointments in my life. It’s kind of crazy haha.


Until next time,



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