Morning Puffins,


Notice that I’m not very creative with the titles for these posts??? I mean there are only about 10 different ways to say, today I’m going to fill you in on everything I did last week. Anywho, onto the post.


I found out I’m going to be getting my very own office. That’s exciting. Last week wasn’t quite as stressful. Things are settling down and we are starting to get into a rhythm with our new systems, and people’s jobs are becoming more and more defined. Cuts down on a lot of the questions and I don’t know answers. This makes me happy.



This was a great week for my running. I got 3 different PR’s this week. First off, I got a new distance PR, albeit in my bikilas, of 8 miles. That’s 1 mile longer than my previous run. Secondly, I got a new PR in the 5k distance at the “Frost Ya` Fanny” 5k race. This wasn’t a super official race, I didn’t even get a timing a chip…But, I was running it for fun and to support my town. So my time isn’t official, but a PR is a PR by gosh. I also managed to run this PR on an unknown course and the day after my 8 mile run. So that PR was a nice surprise. Finally, I hit a new weekly distance PR if 16 miles. Might not sound like much to you guys, but just a few short months ago 3 miles seemed super long to me. So that puts things in perspective a bit. Took Sunday off to spend time with family and to rest my legs/feet. They were feeling a bit tired after Thursday and Friday.



This was a good week. Went back to the dr’s office for the baby. Everything is looking good. Heartbeat is at 147 bpm. Right where it should be. Wife is doing great. Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner with my father in-law’s side of the family, and then ANOTHER dinner with my side of the family. It was my wife and I’s first time cooking a holidy meal for the entire family. Things went off without a hitch, and the food was delicious. I’m super appreciative of all the hardwork my wife put in for dinner this weekend. I know my family greatly appreciated it as well.  I was also happy to have my grandparents able to come. Both of them are having health issues right now, and I’m thankful that they were able to come and socialize with everyone. Overall, a good week in the middle of November. I’ll take em anyway/anytime they come.


Until next time,




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