Invisible Shoe Huaraches ON SALE NOW!!!!

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Barefoot, DiY, Fitness, Health, Life, Primal, Running, Sandals, Shoes
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Looky here fellow puffins. A twofer today.

Steven Sashen, perhaps one of the nicest business owners and huarache guru, is offering an amazing deal to minimalist/barefoot sandal loving people like you and myself. In celebration of  Invisibleshoes 2 year anniversary he’s offering a 25% discount on, wait for it….ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS. This is awesome on several levels. First of all, they are, in my opinion, the king of road running sandals. So that’s awesome. Secondly, they are already ALOT less expensive than most other huarache sandals out there. So, do yourself a favor…pick up a pair or 4. All of their stuff is top notch, and you’d be doing yourself and your feet a horrible disservice by not at least taking a look at the site. You can find the link over there ——–>. Click it…Do your feet a favor. Or you can click here if you don’t feel like looking. By the way, better hurry up. This special only lasts until November 28th. So GET ON IT!

Also, if you are feeling generous, I’d like a pair of the  6mm connects in the 11 1/2″ size. Yah…That would round out my collection of invisible shoes. By the way, their FeelTrue soles are already on sale. So it’s another 25% off that sale price…That drops them to dirt cheap, and they would make great stocking stuffers…Okay…Enough dropping hints to all of you…Just saying, they are a great product, and you should check em out.

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