Morning fellow Puffins,

I actually had this post written up yesterday, however, I spent the evening with family enjoying some delicious pulled pork and brisket, smoked by yours truly, and didn’t get the opportunity to post it. So anywho. I’m going to try something new and break this up into sections. Work, personal, running etc. Makes things easier for me. I like things to be easy…Savvy?



This week was stressful at work. We’ve started a new system which, in the long run, will insure that the hospital is able to make money and get paid for their outpatient procedures. However, while we are transitioning, the workload has increased and will remain high until all the docs have switched to our new system. Hopefully by the 1st of the year things will settle back down. For the time being, my work load has about doubled, but that’s ok. It should go way down as we approach the new year.

I wish I had this much hair to pull out from stress.
This week was awesome. We got to hear the heartbeat of our baby, and my wife is right on schedule with her pregnancy. Her measurements have doubled between visits, and the heartbeat sounded perfectly healthy and normal. She goes back in a few more weeks for some bloodwork. Then we finally get to schedule the anatomy scan for sometime in December. We are really anxious to find out the sex, but I suppose this is extremely normal. The only issue with that is the waiting. I’m about as impatient as they come. I hate waiting, and this is killing me.
This weekend was pretty sweet too. I did a total of nothing. Just sat on the computer most of the weekend and enjoyed vegging out with my wife on the couch. Sunday I woke up before the sun and started smoking a pork butt (that’s the shoulder, not the ass) and a brisket. The butt turned into pulled pork, and the brisket was shredded. Was delicious. Family came over and we had a great dinner. I get to have dinner with them again tonight since it’s my birthday. My wife got me a Road ID bracelet since my distances have been increasing and she doesn’t stick around for the entirety of my runs.  It’s pretty awesome, and I wear it all the time. It’s a fasion accessory for me now. Haha. She even put my Barefoot Puffin on it as an alias haha. Pretty sweet present if I do say so myself.
This week was a pretty special week for my running. My first two runs went by fine, but on my last run I had an epiphany. I wrote a post about it a few days ago, and I won’t go into too much detail here. Let’s just say I found my form and now I can readily reproduce it. No more having to tinker with it unless I’m working on speed. I found a rhythm and I figured out I’m faster than I thought. Not just a little faster either. I’m talking 1-2 minutes faster per mile. That’s really encouraging. I can’t wait to get out for a run tonight and see what I can do if I maintain this form for an entire run.
Until next time,
  1. Terral says:

    Congrats on the baby! Is this your first child? Our first is 10 months and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting to hear the heartbeat. They take up a lot of time and energy but there is nothing better (in my opinion) than having children!

    • Terral,

      Yep this is indeed my first. We are super excited. I can’t wait to get the ultrasound done so we finally know what we are having. Rooting for a boy. I can’t wait to be a daddy with my child in my arms. By the way, been testing the sandals. They are fantastic so far. Putting some more miles into them this week, then hopefully a trail run in them this weekend.

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