Baby update and running transcendence

Posted: November 4, 2011 in barefoot, Fitness, Health, Inspiration, Life, Nutrition, Running
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Yesterday was our 2nd trip to the doc to see how our mini puff was coming along. My wife’s measurements have doubled and we got to hear the heartbeat. That was super exciting. We go back in a few more weeks to do the anatomy ultrasound to determine the baby’s sex. We are hoping for a boy to break the chain of girls in both our families.

Tonight I had the best run of my life. What was supposed to be a quick 2 mile run turned into 6 of the fastest miles I’ve ever run. My knee tightened up in the first two miles and after running through my form I decided to quit over thinking what I was doing and go with the natural flow of my Body. My cadence slowed but my stride lengthened by a small amount. I ran the first two miles in 30 minutes but then ran the last four in 33. I found my groove and now I know how to recreate it. Sometimes getting our head out of things and LISTENING TO OUR BODIES is the best thing we can do. That doesn’t apply to just us puffins but to everyone in general. Quit overthinking so much. You might just surprise yourself.

Until next time,

  1. Totally agree about getting out head out of things and listening to our bodies. I think that’s the key to good running, but it certainly can be challenging. Kudos on the awesome run and congrats on the baby on the way too!

  2. […] for my running. My first two runs went by fine, but on my last run I had an epiphany. I wrote a post about it a few days ago, and I won’t go into too much detail here. Let’s just say I […]

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