Sorry that I’ve been away. Real life has gotten in the way from time to time and I spent most of this weekend visiting with my wife’s aunt from Arizona. It was nice to see her and I’m glad my wife got to spend some quality time with her.


A few weeks ago I wrote about the different challenges that I have been faced with by trying to go 100% on the paleo diet. Most of these problems, after careful consideration and self reflection (ie hippy stuff) I’ve come to realize are my fault. I’ve also come to realize that most of these problems can be worked around. I believe my biggest problem with keeping my food down is the amount of liquid I consume while eating. This liquid takes up space, and it causes foods to swell. You can hopefully see where this can cause a problem when your stomach is the size of the baseball. This lead me to the decision to try this entirely 100% paleo thing again. This time I’m giving myself 3o days and doing the Whole30 challenge. The details of this challenge can be found here.

Not only am I doing this for myself, but I’m going to be your personal experiment as well. If you’ve had gastric bypass surgery, lap band, etc you know the struggles that eating can sometimes present us with. With this experiment I’m going to see if I can overcome these obstacles and stick to this diet for a minimum of 30 days. I’m hoping for it to be a lifetime change. Now, do I think that there should be special rules for us Puffins? No. I truly don’t. Even though my stomach is tinier, and the types of foods I may be able to handle are limited, I’ll be following the rules of the program and not altering it in anyway. If I find any interesting recipes along the way I”ll be sure to post them up on the site. I’m going to be leaning on you, my flock of puffins, for support. So, if you have questions, concerns, or information for me let me know in the comments.


I look forward to this and I hope you are too,


  1. I just got done with my second Whole 30 challenge, and I loved it. I can’t say it was easy the whole way through, but after the first week or so it becomes second nature (as long as you keep groceries in the house!) One of the best resources I’ve found for recipes is Everyday Paleo (Sarah Fragoso). She posts recipes on her blog, but I got her cookbook and have yet to find a dish that wasn’t out of this world good. If you haven’t read her blog, you owe it to yourself to have a look! Enjoy!

    • Yah. My wife asked me to put it off a week because of the fact that we had just bought a large amount of non paleontology foods. So financially it wasn’t good for me to start last week. However, a new trip to the store for this weeks food and I’m all set for tomorrow. Can’t wait to get started. I love everyday paleo and marks daily apple. Super informative sites. I’m ready to make this work following gastric bypass.

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