Puffins should Stand, not sit.

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Barefoot, DiY, Family, Fitness, Health, Life, Society, Work
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Howdy fellow Puffins,

As many of you, okay all two of you, are aware, I’m going through several different changes in my life in this quest for better health. I’ve had gastric bypass, lifted weights, taken to barefoot running, eating better. Yet, I still don’t feel that I’m as healthy as I should be. I mean, isn’t that all it takes to be in good shape? Excercise, eat right etc? Unfortunatley that answer is no. So, why is it that people that do all these things still have problems like high blood pressure, larger waist lines, and no washboard abs?

Well, aside from eating healthy, which we should be doing throughout our day, we only do all those other things for a few hours out of the week. If you are like me, that’s not enough to erase the 40+ hours that we spend in chairs during our work week doing, well nothing physically speaking. These hours can be detrimental to our journey toward a healthier life. If you’ve done any reading about standing desks, they have become quite popular among the white collar crowd. So, being the non-conforming conformist that I am, I’ve decided that I want to try out this stand up desk idea.

The idea being that standing is more beneficial than sitting for several reasons including: more calories burnt throughout the day, better for your hips, knees, back, shoulders, neck etc, increases productivity (I’m skeptical on this), and leaves you feeling less tired throughout the day. Now whether all this stuff actually happens is still up in the air. However, the New York Times, in the opinion section no less, thinks the same way about standing that I do. What could it hurt? It would be hard to argue that it would be bad for our health. I mean we born to run which is done upright. Maybe there is something to this.

I’ve already modified a corner desk, my desk at work is a corner desk too, to sit on top of my work desk to add enough height for me to comfortably stand without placing stress on my joints that they are not used too. I haven’t had a chance to implement it quite yet, mainly becuase I’m too lazy to come to work early and apply it. I should have it implemented this weekend, and ready for use next Monday. I’m ecxited about this, and I have become quite fond of using myself as an experimental device. Should be interesting to say the least. I’ll have a blog post up this weekend in regards to how I modified the desk, and how it looks at work to include pictures and what not. So stay tuned for that.

Until next time,



  1. mkcross325 says:

    I’m very anxious to see first hand the pictures of this new work space. Oh, and does that mean from now on, you will be doing your television watching while standing to? haha, just kidding. I’m proud of you honey, love you!

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