Update on the baby front

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Baby, Birth, Children, Family, Inspiration, Life, Society
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Just a quick update for you guys on how the pregnancy is going. My wife is almost 11 weeks along now, that means we are almost at the end of the first tri-mester. Nothing super duper important to report. She had a slight bit of nausea while we were on vacation, but that seems to have taken care of itself here lately. Ironically, I feel as if I’m experiencing sympathy symptoms. I seem have to gained an increased appetite, and it feels like I’m eating constantly. However, I know this isn’t true. I’m not eating more food than normal. Maybe it just appears that way.

Anyway, we go back to the doctor’s on November 3rd. That’ll put us at about 14 weeks. I would imagine that it will be then that he wants us to set up an appointment for an anatomy scan with the hospital. Then we can find out exactly what flavor of mini-puff we have in the oven. I can’t wait for that day. By the way, we are all hoping it is a boy…I’m surrounded by women (our 3 dogs don’t count) and I need some more testosterone in the house haha.

Just wanted to give everyone a brief update,


  1. Labid Suleiman says:

    Hello. I just subscribed to your blog today after seeing good things about it on the Barefoot Runner Society website. Liking it so far. Good luck with the baby coming! May he/she be blessed with good health 🙂

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