Hydration and you

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Barefoot, Fitness, Food, Health, Life, Nutrition, Running, Society, Weight loss
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Howdy fellow puffins,

How was your most recent barefoot venture? Did it provide you with important stimuli to listen to? Did you overdo it? Have you started learning to listen to your body in everything you do? I hope so.

Serious Cat disapproves of dehydration, and poor hygiene. Use water to take care of both.

Let’s take a minute to look at something that a LOT of people, not just us Puffins, seem to forget when they are running. Hydration. Yah…it turns out that water is good for things other than just showering, you have been showering right? In all seriousness, we need to drink a ton of water. Is there a hard fast rule as to how much water we need to drink? No. There are some warning signs to show that you aren’t hydrated enough. First of all, your urine should be clear or almost so. The darker the urine, the more water you need to drink. Secondly, if you are running on a warm day, and you aren’t sweating chances are you are dehydrated. Also, if you stop feeling thirsty, chances are you are dehydrated. That one seems kind of funny, but it’s true. Thirst is the way your body lets you know that it needs to be hydrated. If you are too dehydrated, your body will stop making you feel thirsty. I know that sounds ass backwards. But it is true. I recommend that you drink around a half gallon of water a day…At minimum. That’s been a pretty good number for me, and I feel like shit if I drink less than that throughout the day. Especially if I’ve had less than that for several days in a row. I really suffered from dehydration on my run today, and as soon as I did a mental recount of the WATER that I drank this weekend, I noticed I was pretty void of it. Dehydration kills performance, and even though we are just starting out transition to barefoot/minimalist running, performance is performance is performance. Don’t let dehydration be the reason you couldn’t improve on your last performance. Let it be your feet or your cardiovascular system instead. We discussed earlier that these were our natural self limiters. Let them play their role. Don’t aide them.

I'm sure MJ has his reasons for drinking gatorade. But radioactive looking sweat doesn't appeal to me.

In my opinion, water is the best thing ever to keep you hydrated. Sure, there are studies that indicate that beer can rehydrate you better than water, and lets be honest…I’m all for drinking beer. However, it’s not exactly conducive to being a functioning member of society. One of the common mistakes that I see a lot of people make is that they think they have to have *insert sugary sports drink here* to hydrate themselves. However, these sugary drinks are just that…sugar. Sure, they offer some hydration, but in this beginning stage of your running, you aren’t needing a ton of calories during your run, and water will do just fine at keeping you hydrated. More importantly, water will keep you away from the sugary crap that you’ve been drinking. Sure, it may not taste as awesome as that Big Gulp from 7/11, but it won’t add a ton of calories to your diet. I think a major way for us puffins to start lowering the numbers on the scale is to stop drinking all that sugary crap. Think about it. A 12oz coke is roughly 100 calories. How many of you only drink a single can? Yah, that’s what I thought. We all drink the liter bottles. We get the 64oz giant cup-o-diabetes. You don’t consider the amount of calories you’re adding to your body for the day. Not too mention those calories are nutritionally void. More importantly those sugary drinks cause us to crave…gasp…yah more sugar. Making the transition to water, in my opinion, is just as difficult as switching to barefoot running. But, just like with running, it will have benefits that your body never knew it was missing. Give it a shot. I’m not asking very much. Instead of that coke in the morning at the 7/11, grab a water. Sure, it can even be the flavored Vitamin Water. (Who doesn’t like a water backed by $.50. Extra points to whoever gets that reference) Just get something with lower calories, low sugar…Step away from the soda and embrace that water. You’re body and health depend on it.

Go barefoot, listen to and reclaim your body.

Until next time,



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