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Posted: September 16, 2011 in barefoot, Fitness, Health, Life, Running, Weight loss
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Howdy my fellow flock members. Did you all enjoy your walk down the street without your shoes? Was it as unbearable as you thought? Nope, I didn’t think so. I bet it felt quite natural too you. Sure it might have felt uncomfortable, but I bet your feet were no worse for wear, and if they were…

Mr. Rogers says listening to your body is cool.

You’ve just learned an important lesson that we ALL need to learn. That lesson is to listen your body. We puffins are a bit larger around the middle, and this is a lesson that can help us not only in our barefooting, but our waist line as well. If we were in tune with our bodies and really listening, we’d know to put down that 3rd cheeseburger…Probably the 2nd one too, but hey…Baby steps my young padawon. Baby steps.  If we approach our eating like we do our barefooting, I’m sure that we can learn to listen to our bodies and change the way we eat. It’s the same basic principle. If you do too much barefooting too soon (henceforth known as TMTS) you will end up injuring yourself, and we all know that is no fun. The same thing goes for eating. If you eat TMTS, you’ll get a belly ache, an insulin spike, and be useless for the rest of the day. Know what being useless gets you? Aside from a comfy place on the couch and a belly ache, not much.

Take your time you must. Blisters...Suck they do.

Plus you miss out on all the things that are left in your day. Same thing happens if you overdo your running in the beginning. No one wants to walk around on blistered feet, and believe me no one wants to be friends with blisters. Plus, they don’t do anything to help us make REAL friends, and more importantly, they don’t make you any more popular with the opposite sex.

Now that you have gone for your first barefoot walk, and you have come back nigh a scratch, it’s time to take it one step further (pun intended). This time, take your walk a bit further. Instead of walking up the street and back, walk around the block. If you are feeling really confident, walk down the street and jog back. Nothing to strenuous. This is where being overweight and out of shape can help us. Unlike traditional runners who are transitioning from shod to barefoot running, we typically don’t have the cardiovascular stamina that those guys have. Instead, we are slow, we can’t run very far, and we tire quickly. Sure to the AVERAGE person, those sound like weaknesses. But for us, we know that these are really strengths hidden beneath all the huffing and puffing. For the time being, when we are running, our cardiovascular system is practically as untrained as our feet are. This means we have self imposing limits. Sure, your feet might feel like they can run a mile, but if you can’t breathe for a mile of running, you are limited to what you can do. This provides us with a great way to make sure we don’t end up doing too much too soon.

Holy shit...Is your mind as blown as mine?

Eventually our cardiovascular system will strengthen, but so will our feet. What seems impossible now won’t be in a few weeks. Yep…Take the time out to let that idea wash over your brain. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….

What I’m trying to say is, take it slow, do a little bit more each day that you choose to run, and for your sake…LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It isn’t stupid. Yes. That chocolate cake is delicious, and yes you could eat the whole thing…But slow it down, take a minute to breathe. Notice that satiated feeling in your gut? That’s your body telling you to stop. Put the fork down. ABORT ABORT ABORT. Notice that tingling feeling on the bottom of your feet while you are running? That’s your body saying STOP. GIVE IT A REST. Time to call it a day. Give your feet a day off, and I bet when you go back out, you’ll be able to go a little farther the next time.


Okay. Listen to your body. Now go forth, be barefoot, and RECLAIM YOUR BODY!.

Until next time,



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