Barefoot and Expecting

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Baby, barefoot, Birth, Children, Family, Health, Life, Shoes, Society
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Today my wife and I discovered that we are now expecting our first barefoot addition to our family. We are super excited and really hoping for a boy. Since going barefoot, as many of you have noticed in my posts, my way of thinking has changed 100%. I’m incredibly excited to add this new life to my already happy family, and I am excited to do my own research into what is healthy for my own kids. I am so excited for this change and I’m extremely glad to have my wife here to share this with. I’m also thankful to have all of you, my faithful readers/friends to share this with as well. One thing is for sure, I know he/she won’t be born with shoes on. Barefoot born, barefoot bred…I’ll allow our child to make their footwear decisions when they become old enough…Until then, barefoot unless deemed in appropriate for a given situation. Woohoo!!!!!!!! I hope you stick around with me through this incredible journey.


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