Vibram Five Fingers ON SALE!!!!!!

Posted: August 26, 2011 in barefoot, Fitness, Health, Reviews, Shoes, Society
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Earlier today I received an e-mail from @myfivefingers in regards to several models of our favorite toe shoes being on sale at ridiculously low prices. I’ll link them down a little further in the post. I’d like to draw some attention to my favorite online store to order from. That would be This store has, on average, the lowest prices on five fingers, barring the sales that I’m going to mention below. Furthermore, their customer service is TOP NOTCH. I mean top shelf, A-OK, wonderful, etc. They respond to e-mails almost immediately, provide quality information, and they also offer great deals just by being involved in the community. I’ve taken part in several sales that they have offered only to and a few other sites that I frequent, and the sales make their already low prices just nuts. I bought a pair of black/black KSO’s from them a few months back for the low price of 39.99. They had them on sale for 70$ but they were giving an extra 30$ off with a code from Birthdayshoes. It was awesome. Anyway, I suggest you head on over there and check out

As far as other Vibram news: the new Vibram Bormio is now on sale at The news just broke over at birthdayshoes, and Justin stays on top of all the latest Five Finger news. So, I’m sure they haven’t been out for long. This is a highly anticipated release because it is the first ever toe BOOT. That’s right BOOT. All you jean and timberland wearing folks now have a viable option that is both functional and stylish….Yeh, move over Tim Gunn. I’m taking over in the style department. These things, in my opinion, look pretty schweet. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be acquiring any for myself. I think they are awesome, but they might be a little overkill for my needs. I have a hard time with Vibram’s thicker soles. The KSO is about as thick a sole as I can stand. I suppose that’s not a surprise given that I would rather be barefoot than anything. However, I’d suggest if you have the 159$ to shell out for a swanky pair of leather toe boots, head on over to travelcountry and pick out a pair. I personally think the price point is a little steep, but that’s just my cheapness shining through. I wouldn’t look a gift pair in the uhh..toes though. Justin at birthday shoes also wrote a very informative review a few days ago as well. Might be worth your time to head over there before making a decision.


Here are the links to the Vibram sales I mentioned earlier:

Sprints for 59$

Bikilas for 59$

Classics for 54$


That’s all the Vibram/Minimalist news that I have for now.

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