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Posted: August 25, 2011 in barefoot, Health, Life, Reviews, Running, Shoes, Society
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Let’s face it. Minimalist running shoes are everywhere. You can pretty much find them at every single running event across the world. You can’t discuss running shoes without mentioning Vibram, Merrell, the assortment of huarches, and of course the big names that are already associated with running. However, there is one area in which minimalist shoes are seriously lacking:

Casual wear. Sure, some of you are probably rolling your eyes considering the posts that I’ve made in which I explain that I think we should strive to go barefoot as often as possible. However, if you were really paying attention, you’d note that I also stated that we can’t always do so. Whether this be due to working conditions, formal situations, weather etc. This is where I believe casual minimal shoes could make an even larger impact than they already are. I know sometimes I find myself wishing I had something other than five fingers or huarches to wear when walking around in the Oklahoma heat. It takes years to make your soles adapt entirely to the heat/cold, and I just haven’t been barefooting that long. So, something a bit more stylish than sandals or toe shoes would be nice.

I do own a pair of new balance minimus wellness. However, sometimes you need something a little nicer than a sneaker. This is where stem comes in. Sure, they are sneakers on a basic level, but they look more stylish than any minimalist shoe I’ve seen so far. Now, I don’t have a review of Stem footwear’s shoes yet, but @mgbarefootguy has a fantastic review of what Stem has to offer. I’d highly recommend clicking here and giving it a look. Also, I’d suggest subscribing to his blog. It’s one of my favorite’s to read. Just let him know that I sent ya.

As of right now there are rumors that Stem footwear has released their shoes already, however, according to their site the shoes will officially release on 09/15. I’d highly recommend looking at them and possibly investing in them. They are headed in the right direction, and I truly believe they are only the first to take a very serious look at producing minimalist shoes for things other than running.


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