First Barefoot/Minimalist 10K run

Posted: August 22, 2011 in barefoot, Running
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Tonight was a major milestone in my running career. Tonight I went for my long weekend run, and decided that I wanted to try and run a 10k.  I normally just run the 2 mile bike loop twice for a 4 mile LSD run. However, tonight I decided to up the ante. I ran the 5k loop twice. The first 5k loop went smoothly and quickly. I’ve really come into my own in that distance. While I may not be blistering fast, I was easily in the low 30’s. Probably a 31 or 30:30 mile. I didn’t really keep track. I then quickly knocked out the 4th mile. At the end of that mile, I noticed that my left great toe seemed to be developing a hot spot. I decided, rather than calling it quits at 4 miles, that I would pull out the invisible shoes and finish up the last two miles. I’ve come to respect my meager collection of minimalist shoes as the tools that they are. They aren’t crutches, but tools to help with your running game.

Although I couldn’t run the entire distance barefoot, I was completely happy with my conditioning. I never felt like I was out of breath or that I couldn’t handle the distance. This makes me insanely happy, and makes me incredibly proud of how my training is progressing. Be sure to follow my training at dailymile. You’ll get more up to date information on my training runs and how I’m progressing as a barefoot runner.

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