Original Invisibleshoes huarches initial thoughts

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Reviews, Running

The folks at invisible shoes were kind enough to send me a large kit to review side by side against their newest release of the contact and connec soles. I have the contact and my initial thoughts of that sole can be found in my older blog posts.

The original DIY kit was extremely fun to put together. It only took about 15 minutes per shoe and they were laced and ready to go. Immediately after putting them on I felt a difference in the cherry vibram material and the true feel sole. First of all the vibram sole is solid all the way through. That does mute groundfeel. Even though the sole is only 4mm thick, the exact same as the new models, the groundfeel is diminished. However, I will say that I like the texture and grip of the vibram sole for running on crushed gravel. This is because the sole is solid and the little rocks dont get stuck in any of the grooves. I found the grip was adequate.

Ive taken them on a run and a active rest night in which I walked about 3 miles in them. My run was around 3 miles as well. The run was awesome. However, my poor lacing job led to a blister on my toe during the walk. I attribute this, not only to my lacing ineptitude, but to the textured footbed. This foot bed is not very smooth, and when combined with my loose lacing allowed the sandal to slide back and forth across my foot and rubbed a blister. I don’t fault the shoe, but it is something to look out for.

Anyway, I have a few more runs scheduled this week and next week between the 2 models and I look forward to posting my comprehensive review of the two shoes here in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned,


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