First barefoot 5k

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Running


Yeh. Thats my foot after my first barefoot 5k run. No it was not a race. It was more of a test. As you know I have been upping my distance gradually and last week I revisited my first ever 5k armed with my invisible shoe truefeel huarches. I ran it fine then, and this time I decide to ditch 2 things.

What did I ditch you may ponder?  First, my shoes. Strapped them to the camelbak (just in case one of those nasty needles that are supposed to be covering the ground popped up) and I ditched the sunlight. That’s right. Not only was there no shoes there was only the light provided by the street lamps that line the outside of the park. I’ve found two things about running in the dark. First you begin to rely more and more on other senses than sight. Second it FORCES you to run lightly at ALL times because you never know when a rock is going to poke its pointy head up.

Never fear folks my foot is perfectly fine, dirty, but fine. Those aren’t blisters. Those are where my pads are forming. They don’t hurt, they aren’t calluses. They are just pads of fat. Run loving fat. They are the only parts of my body that I enjoy seeing fat sitting. Now just to work on the rest of this Puffin’s bod.

Until next time,


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