Listenin to your body

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Running

For humans listening to our bodies is a natural thing that is used to help us survive and thrive in our environments. One of the most important receptors and providers of information is the human foot. Yet day after day I see tons of people locking their feet into prisons that block all sensation and leave humans walking around without being able to feel what they are stepping on. This baffles me and I often wonder how I ever managed to make my way through this earth with such huge blocks of padding on my feet.

However, that is not what this post is all about. This post is about me and getting back to being able to listen to my body. Many of you know that last week I upped my mileage considerably. I was tentative about such a sharp increase in mileage in a week. However I made it through the week without any issues at all. This didn’t really surprise me because I have been taking my time in my barefoot training. I haven’t rushed into it by any means. However this week my feet have been tired. Not sore or in any pain. Just tired. I attribute this to the increase in mileage. In compensation for the tiredness I have run only a couple of times a week and have lowered my mileage again. The result you ask…Much happier feet and toes and a refreshed pair of feet. I have one more run tonight, and I can’t wait.

So in short, when running, not just barefoot running, make sure to listen to your body. Don’t push it. If your body needs rest. If you push it you might end up hurt. Then you wont be running or having fun at all. And who wants to do that.

Until next time,


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