My first 5k revisited

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Running

Tonight was a good night for a run. I had recently re-trimmed my huarches and was feeling like a good run. So, I decided to revisit the 5k course that I ran in June for the Aggies axe out cancer 5k. However, this time I fully intended on running the entire 5k, and that’s exactly what I did. It’s a good thing that I visit the bike path that surrounds and intersects the course for the entire 5k (I usually run the 2 mile back path for my runs) because the paint markers for the course had become pretty faded, and it was almost dark outside.

I started the run much slower than I did in the race, I think partly because I wasn’t racing, and because I knew exactly how long this course was and I knew there were some pretty steep hills to come toward the very end. I don’t know what my pace was, and I don’t particularly care because I quit timing my runs about a month ago. I just run as fast or as slow as I want and enjoy the runs. If it isn’t fun, then it isn’t worth doing. Coming up on the area of the first ‘”water station” I felt much better than I had on race day, and wasn’t feeling any fatigue at all. My calves felt a little tight, but I think that’s more from them being tired than me overexerting myself or poor form. On nights that I haven’t been actively running for myself, I’ve been running/walking with my wife to help her with her form and breathing and to keep her company. Some nights we run quite a bit, other nights we walk mostly. I use those as active “rest” days. At the half way point, the tightness in my calves disappeared and I felt like I was floating. The only sounds around me were the birds and prairie dogs calling to each other, and the sound of my huarches swooshing across the ground. That’s right, swooshing. Suck it Nike. I finished the last bit of the course, and blazed up the large hill that appears right before the final .5 mile. Felt good to run up the hill that I had to walk up just over a month ago. It felt really really good. The final half mile went by without a hitch, and I waited at the truck for 4-5 minutes on my wife to get back.

The invisible shoe huarches are way better than I ever thought they could be. I trimmed them to run right up against the edges of my foot, but my left great toe likes to splay pretty far out, so the outer edge of my toe meets flush up with the edge of the sandal, however, I’m sure a very minor adjustment of the lacing could alleviate that minor problem almost immediately. I only noticed it happen twice on my run, and it wasn’t like my toe slipped off the sandal. The truefeel sole lives up to its name. I could tell when I hit gravel, and I noticed that if I stepped on a rock, my foot immediately molded to the rock. I won’t say it was just like being barefoot because it wasn’t. It was close, but I still do and always will prefer being barefoot. The huarches definitely have a place in my equipment, and have replaced my vffs for the time being as my go to running shoe. I’m so excited to have them, and I’ll be posting a proper review in the next few days. So look forward to that.

Until next time,


  1. Menno gaijkema says:

    Very recognisable when you say how happy you are that what you first had to walk, now you can run. That’s one of the good things of running: during quite some time you see the progress.

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