My new huaraches

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Reviews





My mother surprised me yesterday with a new pair of Invisible shoe “Truefeel” huarches. I had been talking about wanting a pair for a few weeks now. However she bought them about 1/2 inch too big and I had to do some trimming. To put it mildly I gave them a personal Puffin touch. Haha. I’m pretty sure a sugar crazed 5 year old could have cut them better. But I never professed to be an artist. As you can see in the picture they are extremely thin, 4mm to be exact. They also offer a more aggressive tread and pre-punched ankle holes. So really all you have to do is punch your toe hole and, as Adam sandler says”loop swoop and pull”. Yah, I wish it was that easy. I settled on a minimalist tying method and I think it gives the sandals a flip flop type look that I really like. 

As far as my run, it went well. I didn’t have the fit exactly right, which is to be expected for the first few times. They also probably need to be trimmed down a little more, but that can wait. As far as ground feel these things beat everything except my naked soles and I will be deciding over the next few runs if they replace my ksos as my go to shoes for running when shoes are necessary. I’ve added several pictures, and I will be giving them a full review within the next few weeks.

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