What motivates the Puffin?

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most people who run believe there is this thing called the runner’s high that you hit at some point in your run where you feel as if you are in a tantric or euphoric state of being while you are running. I’ve hit this before while shod, but it seemed to take forever, and then it seemed to crash in half the time that it took to get there. But what most people don’t mention is how they feel throughout their entire run. People think that the runner’s high, the skinny jeans, the awesome “fashion”, or teh sexy abz is all that their running can give them…


Maybe that’s true, but I’ve begun to notice that when I’m running barefoot, I don’t feel the runner’s high like I used to when I was shod…I don’t feel it half way through a run and go wow…this feels awesome. I don’t see my weight dropping on the scale and go…Oh shit, that’s totally awesome. I’m so glad that I’ve been killing myself with this running thing every other day.  I don’t have washboard abs or even any definable amount of visible abs. Yeh, I’ve got more like the mini heineken Keg of abs. Small, but mighty. Anway, what I do feel when I run is a state of euphoria that lasts from the time my soles hit the pavement,grass, or gravel, until I am climbing back into my pickup for the drive home. This high lasts long after I’ve put my feet in the tub to clean them and give them a cool rinse, and it even continues long after I’ve turned out the lights and entered the wonderful land known as sleep. This feeling is why I run, and it’s very addicting. I’d rather be running than playing my xbox (something I’d never have said a year ago), reading, watching tv, etc. I still enjoy all those things, but nothing leaves me feeling as relaxed and calm as a nice run in a warm evening around the park or in my neighborhood, and although wearing my vibrams might let me run farther, the feeling isn’t nearly as strong as when my soles are making uninterrupted contact with the ground and providing constant feedback from the world around me. It is this feeling that motivates me to run.

So I leave you to ponder these questions:

Why do/don’t you run?

If you do run, do you run barefoot? If not, WHY?

What motivates you to run?


Until next time,



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