The week in review

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

This has been a good week. Work wasn’t as stressful as it has been the past few weeks, we are finally getting more staff trained and they are starting to take some of the load off of the more experienced schedulers. I also spent the majority of my spare time (when I wasn’t running) reading a delightfully lighthearted book series entitled “Warriors.” This book series is a fictional story about four clans of cats that all live in a forest, and the book chronicles the life of a cat not born in clan life, but who is destined for greatness. You know, that old chestnut. Sure, the series is aimed at 13-15 year old kids, but I’m still a kid at heart and it has been a fantastic joy to read so far.

I’ve also finished reading Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s Running Barefoot Step by Step. The book has given me an entire new outlook on barefoot running, and exactly what it means to be a runner. Since, I first started reading his book I’ve not used a watch to time my runs, and I haven’t paid any attention to how fast I have been going. Instead, I’ve just been enjoying the scenery around a local park (the same park that I ran my 5k in a few weeks ago) and enjoying being outdoors on my own two barefeet. The book has helped me fix my form, and on the 3 runs that I have been on since I read his book I have yet to develop a blister, or even a hotspot that I couldn’t get rid of in the matter of a few steps. It has been entirely uplifting, and I always feel much better after a run, regardless of distance.


I still have one more thing planned to do tomorrow, and that is a review of the New Balance Minimus Lifes that I picked up a few weeks ago while I as camping around the Tulsa area. So be sure to look for that. I also need to start carrying my camera around with me more as I’ve seen some things recently that I have wished I had a camera to take a photo of for the blog. So, that’s something I hope to start doing, but who knows. I’ve got several reviews coming up soon, with my first review being posted tomorrow. I am also planning on reviewing camelpak hydration vests, Vibram KSO and Bikila, as well as, Ken Bob’s book. They should all be done sometime within the next month or so, and I can’t wait.


Until next time,



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