A rebirth

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

As some of you know I was the recent winner of Alan Thwait’s give away of Ken Bob Saxton’s book. After reading roughly half of the book I have decided two things. The first is that I am undeniably a barefoot runner and the second is that I have been doing it all wrong. The first is unlikely to change, but the second is about to change starting tomorrow morning. I plan on going back to the basics and am cutting my distance back to comfortable levels until I have a reached a level with my form that allows me to increase my distance at a comfortable pace. This means that I will not be paying attention to times, distance (to an extent), or speed. I will be focusing on the basics as outlined in Ken Bob’s book and will most notably take to a higher cadence and will be bending my knees a lot more. I honestly can’t wait. I also plan on adding in gravel runs to teach myself to run lightly. I am so very very excited.

Also this weekend I spread my BBQ prowess even more by venturing into the world of smoked pork butt. The shoulder of the pig for those of you not in the know. It turned out fabulously and next time I will be smoking it for a much longer duration to make it tender enough to make pulled pro sandwiches instead of simply slicing it. I had a wonderful weekend with my family partaking in BBQ, beans, and Guinness stout. What a fantastic way to spend the weekend.


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