Where on Earth have I been?

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know, I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted on the blog, but I do have my reasons. Mostly, I have just been extremely busy with things that have been outside of my control, but I also spent 4 days in the wilderness living the barefoot lifestyle while rafting down the Illinois river and camping. At least, that’s how I spent my long 4th of July weekend. As for the other days since June 25th, I’ve been busy with work, running, preparing for the long camping weekend…You know…that little thing called life. I did kind of miss posting though, and if I had reliable cell service out in the sticks I would have been able to post about my rafting trip and camping barefoot and what not, but with spotty cell reception our in the woods I was lucky to make phone calls let alone hop on the internet, but isn’t that what camping is for, to get away from it all and just enjoy people and their company on the beautiful planet that we live on?


Anyway, Friday the wife and I had a short day at work and we left at 1:00pm eager to reach the Illinois river and the camp grounds where my in-laws would be awaiting us. We got there around 7:30 and quickly ate dinner and sat up partaking in adult beverages and playing card games, scrabble, etc. We turned in for the night preparing for a 12 mile rafting trip down the Illinois river. Now, don’t get too excited it’s not like we were shooting rapids or anything…It was actually just a 6 hour float down the river in the sun with lots and lots of beer, chips, and sandwiches. It was a really good time, and a really hot time as well. When we got back to camp, it was around 3:00pm and I set up our baby smoker and started smoking a 5lb brisket complete with Puffin’s own secret blend of herbs and spices…(way better than any bbq spices that we’ve ever had). While it was smoking, I made myself into a right merry drunk and after a few hours of babbling incessantly (yeh I’m that guy) I bid myself goodnight and turned in with my wife and my in-laws to finish watching the brisket. I gave them explicit instructions of what to do, and they were pros at following directions. Sunday morning rolled around, and so did I with a slight hang over and an upset stomach. A campfire breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and my mother in-laws haphazard attempt at campfire pancakes was more than enough to cure any residual effects of my previous night’s stupor. We hung around camp sunday, just enjoying each other’s company and playing more games…Farkle is a game that I highly recommend if you like to gamble without actually losing anything. Late in the afternoon I put the brisket back on the smoker to reheat, and my wife made baked beans, corn, green beans, and potatoes and we had ourselves a bbq that rivaled any other campsite around. Then we started packing up the stuff that we were not going to use for the remainder of the evening and went to bed around 11:30pm. We were awoken around 6am to the sound of thunder claps and bright flashes of lightning, but true to Oklahoma style very little rain was actually deposited onto the camp grounds, and we made our way about getting the rest of camp broken down and packed away for the trip back to my in-laws house in Tulsa. When we got to Tulsa, my wife and myself along with her mom went around town shopping. My wife got a new phone (which was much much needed) and I picked myself up a pair of New Balance Minimus Lifes. My wife really likes these shoes because they look like…well shoes. Which, any of you vff fans out there know, vffs can get some crazy looks and remarks. I really like these shoes and will be posting a review of these and my KSOs over the next few days so keep an eye out for those.


How was everyone’s holiday weekend? I’d love to hear about what everyone did, and how they spent their weekend barefoot.


Until next time,



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