Barefoot lifestyle at work…

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized


Like most people I work a steady job with a particular dress code. For those of you that are wondering, I work in the scheduling department at our county hospital. Not the most glamorous job ever, but it is steady and well paying. Those two things are hard to come by. Even more difficult is to find a workplace that is open and accepting of different styles of dress and culture. At the hospital where I work the dress code is pretty strict for the non clinical side of things. However there is a few loop holes that allow the employees to dress comfortably yet still remain professional.

One particular rule that is particularly important to me is the footwear rule. It states that no open toed shoes or tennis shoes can be worn. It also has rules regarding the colors…that rule simply states that we can’t wear colors that could be considered non conservative. More or less this means black or brown. This led me to asking my boss about my beloved vff kso. They are black but some consider them to be of the tennis shoe category. My boss, thankfully, is quirky like me and agreed on three things. One, they are not tennis shoes. Two, they are pretty much the best thing since barefeet were invented some millions of years ago, and thirdly that I could wear them to work. Woohoo…..take that dress shoes. Sure I get some strange looks around the hospital, but for the most part I’m just the goofy Guy with the goofy shoes and I’m okay with that. It is a small price to pay to live a lifestyle more closely to the one that we were designed to live in. In closing I pose this question to all my loyal readers. Is your workplace barefoot or vff friendly? If so tell me about it. If not, how do you cope? I look forward to your responses.

Until next time,

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