Rehab is over.

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many of you know that two weeks ago I injured my left foot when I abandoned proper running form as I sprinted away from an escaped Rottweiler. Over the last two weeks, my #barefoot running has been on hold while I was letting my foot heal. I had done a few test runs to make sure that my foot wasn’t sensitive to having pressure on it, and then I proceeded to run in my vibram ksos until I thought my foot could handle a barefoot run. Last night I ran a wonderful 3.2mi or 5k run around my neighborhood. I have a convenient 1.6 mile loop that starts at my house and goes through some of the nicer parts of the neighborhood. I ran this loop twice. I thought I was going to take the day off tonight until a brief thunderstorm left plenty of puddles for me to splash my barefeet into…That was enough incentive for me to get out and run. I ran the same route as last night, but I only ran it once. Slow and steady wins the barefoot race. The pace was 00:12:34 per mile, but I was slowing to deliberately hit the puddles, and without my contacts in I had to be especially careful to look for rocks. As stated in yesterday’s post…speed doesn’t matter much to me anyway. For those of you that are barefooters who don’t think running in the rain is good for you…Try it…You’ll have a blast, and your feet will feel sensations that words cannot describe. I’m so very glad this rehab period is over, and I can get back to running in my barefeet.


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